Friday, July 24, 2020

Vintage Nursery Rhyme Fabric & A Finish!

Many thanks to all of you who shared ideas for what to do with my vintage nursery rhyme fabric that I found!  I really loved reading all of the ideas.  I have decided to keep the fabric intact as is and use it for a back of a baby quilt.   It is very soft feeling, not quite as soft as flannel but close!

One of the things that helped me make that decision was when I started looking in my stash to see what I had that would go well with it and could not believe my eyes when I found the PERFECT jelly roll to use in making this quilt.  What do you think?
It is a line of fabric called Charlotte designed by Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit.  Very pastel greens, pinks, aquas and grays.   with lots of polka dots and gingham.   So sweet.  I am determined to use up fabric that I already own and there is no sense in keeping things laying around here.

I have a plan and hopefully it will go together fairly quickly.  I can't wait to show you!  I need to buy a little bit of background fabric first to complement the jelly roll.

I can't remember if I ever mentioned this on my blog before, but I used to be an avid antique perfume bottle collector.  I still have many of them but am slowly selling them off and only keeping the ones I really love or that were meaningful gifts from loved ones.  So whenever I am out and about looking for vintage treasures, I ALWAYS look for them even though I'm not really buying them for myself anymore.  This week, I scored!  I found this!  

This atomizer (rubber bulb is missing) is over 100 years old and most likely comes from Bohemia or Czechosovakia.  It was made in the early 1900's and is hand painted in enamel and gold.   I'll be adding it to my Etsy store.  I sell mostly vintage and out of print fabric there and I just can't keep up!  All the best prints get snatched up almost as soon as I list them.  It has been fun.

Here's a tidbit for those of you who enjoy learning a bit of history.  When you unscrew an atomizer so you can actually see the drawtube that the perfume comes up through, there are three main materials used on those tubes.  The most recent being plastic (1950's to present), earlier models used glass (20's to 40's) , and pre-1920's used metal.  This one is metal.  So it is definitely 100 years old or more.

If any of you have old perfume bottles that you'd love to know more about, please feel free to ask me!  I have lots of reference material and old auction books to help in identification.  I love talking vintage perfume bottles so don't feel like it would be an imposition.   I have heard the most lovely stories about a cherished perfume bottle that a mom or grandmother or aunt had owned and how any time they smell a certain scent it immediately brings back memories of that person.

OH!  I did get my cowboy quilt done!  
One of my friends bought this for her first grandson.  We are trying to decide whether we should bring it to them or they are going to come get it.  We live about 9 hours apart.  Maybe we should meet halfway somewhere!  😉

What are YOU making this weekend?  I've love to hear!
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  1. I found your blog on Confessions of a Fabric Addict, and I'm so glad I did! (1) I love cowboy fabric! I made a quilt top that I'll quilt later this year and I still have some in my stash. The quilt you made is so perfect! (2) I have my Grandma's Day in Paris perfume bottle with some of the perfume. I open it occasionally and it makes me so happy. It even inspired by choice of fabric for a quilt, so I have lots of photographs of the perfume bottle on my blog. I love that atomizer/bottle you found -- so cool!

  2. That does look like the perfect jelly roll for your vintage fabric! I'll enjoy seeing what you make with the jelly roll! Your perfume bottle is really neat - what a fun find. And your cowboy quilt is cute as can be! I love the blue binding contrasting with the brown.

  3. That jelly roll is perfect! I’m so glad you decided not to go with the loud yellow/golds. I love that vintage perfume bottle. I used to collect a lot of vintage glass and cookie jars. My adult daughter collects vintage perfume bottles. She started that in college and I enabled *cough* her for many years, LOL.

  4. Whatca beautiful piece of vintage fabric, it will be so nice as a quilt backing, without cutting it all up. Great decision. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the jelly roll.

  5. Congrats on your Cowboy quilt finish! I think you might have found something with that jelly roll. It looks like it might be just right for that vintage fabric! Antique atomizer? Gorgeous!!!

  6. I love that cowboy quilt. When you're looking at it, you think you have seen it all when you get to the border, then wait, there's that pretty blue border! You really found the perfect jelly roll for that vintage fabric. Very interesting about the perfume bottles. That one is gorgeous and wow on the age of it. You and my MIL would have enjoyed talking. She was an avid collector of EVERYTHING and loved old bottles and especially crystal and could tell you the history behind most of it.

  7. Love that perfume vile! And good decision on the baby quilt!

  8. First, the cowboy quilt turned out great. I'm sure your friend will be so happy to give it to a new little one to cuddle with. And what a great find of the perfect blender for that wonderful vintage fabric. And that perfume bottle - oh my. So beautiful! I don't collect them but I must admit this one would have come home with me too.

  9. I love your cowboy quilt!!! What a cute one! and the jelly roll will be perfect with the vintage fabrics!

  10. Your vintage fabric will be a great backing and that jelly roll does look perfect!

  11. How interesting to be (or have been) a collector of vintage perfume bottles! I had no idea such people existed! How did you become interested? This is one of those "Who knew!" moments for me. Nice that you are making a baby quilt with a nursery print and jelly roll. Believe it or not, I've never sewn a quilt with either of those things. Nice that you finished the cowboy quilt. I hope you get to at least see your friend in person. Days of meeting up for your swap and a coffee are long gone and a long way from returning.

  12. You scored with that beautiful antique piece. So pretty Janice.
    I totally agree with that jelly roll and the vintage backing for a child's quilt. Or an adult who loves vintage - I don't know that I could give that one up.
    I am really enjoying your recent projects - they are just my thing. :-)


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