Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What's Cuter Than Little Girls at a Tea Party!

I blogged about a quilt I made for my grand daughter's birthday and am finally getting around to showing the big reveal!

My daughter-in-law Krystel threw a tea party birthday party for my oldest grand daughter's 5th birthday.   This party was magazine worthy!  Photography is by Krystel's sister Katie of Francelle's Photography)  Isn't this picture gorgeous??  (there are a few thrown in from my phone)

Here is great grandma, Aunt Ashley and grandma (me)

Here is the birthday girl and her 2 yr old sister to the right.  

Pouring her tea . . .

Spooning sugar is serious business!

Little sister thoroughly engrossed in her tea!

Ahhh!  So yummy.

Littlest sis spent most of the party like this . . .

And here she is later all refreshed!

Here is the birthday girl's sweet face after she opened my gift to her.  The quilt is wrapped around a matching pillow.  

Aww, she is hugging it!

When I unwrapped it and showed her what was on the back, I wish you could have heard her squealing about unicorns!  Priceless!  I am going to have to make my little sweetie a bigger one.  This one is more the size of a wall hanging!

But she loved it and that is all that matters.  💕

I have missed you all.  I've been missing from blogland for a few months and it's time to get back in the saddle!   Yes, I have probably lost my mind but I am working on two king size quilts at the same time.  I'll write about that next time!  

I would absolutely love to hear about your favorite quilt giving (or receiving) memory!  
I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment with your story.  💗  

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