The finishes at the beginning of this page are pretty basic, where I'm just getting my feet wet.  Keep scrolling and they start getting a little more interesting.  :)

This yellow and taupe quilt is my first ever attempt at free motion quilting.  It got me hooked!

My second finish (May 18, 2016).  I enjoyed the meandering (or stippling) type of quilting on the first one and haven't been brave enough to try something else yet.  One of my mom's friends wanted to buy this for her great grand daughter so this is my first sale!  

My third finish on June 11, 2016 is a baby quilt made for my niece Katie.  

I still haven't yet experimented with any straight line quilting which would probably have looked really good with this quilt but that will come sometime down the road.

Finish #4 is a mini quilt called Rainbow Crumbs.  I made this in a blog hop put together by myself and fellow quilter Jen Rosin at A Stitch and a Dream.  So a couple of first's here.  First organized blog hop by me and first mini quilt.  September 2016.  Here is a link to the gallery of finished shadow quilts made as a result of this blog hop.

Finish #5 is the last of the squares left from the layer cake I bought.  You've already seen the yellow and peachy versions, now here is the blue.  I quilted this in a loopy pattern.  October 2016.

The fabric line used in the three baby quilts that were similar is Storybook by Kate and Birdie from Moda.  

Finish #6 1-28-17 To read about it and see more details, and closeups of the quilting,  see this post.  My first feathers!

Two mini quilts I made for the 2017 Blog Hop Jen Rosin and I organized.  I made a night and day version.  The night version is kind of a Twilight Zone interpretation.  :)  Love that moon fabric!

This is a mini quilt I made for a fellow blogger and great friend of mine, Kate @ Smiles From Kate.  I called it Chicken Poop!  You can read the story behind the name and the fabric choices here.
 This quilt was made for my daughter's friend, Kenzi.  She picked all the fabric and the plush white chevron back.

Mini heart quilt for Valentines Day

Doll quilt for A Doll Like Me.  Read about this quilt here.

This quilt was made to help promote a book called Modern Plus Sign Quilts by Paige Alexander and Cheryl Brickey.   I was asked to join a blog hop and had fun with it.  My favo
rite part?  The BACK!

It has now been over two years since I learned how to do my own free motion quilting.  Finish #14 happened on September 21, 2018.  This is a quilt for my daughter Ashley.  It has a LOT of quilting on it.  When I don't do straight line quilting, my quilting tends to be dense and takes a long time!

Finish #15 will be the first quilt that I'm keeping for myself!

This is a miniature quilt (wall hanging) that I made for a doll quilt swap.

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  1. Wow! From humble beginnings to pro! Your quilts and quilting are beautiful!


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