Saturday, February 23, 2019

Ta Da! Thank You for your Input!!

And here is the final decision made for the block I asked for help about!  Thank you so much for sharing all your opinions with me! 

When Kate mentioned I should do purple in the next round a light bulb went off and I was wondering why I didn't have any purple in THIS round since the flowers had purple.  Don't worry, that canteloupe will be showing up again as we get further along!  Plus other colors. 

Here is proof of how wishy washy I was about what I wanted to use.  I pile of test pieces!

OK, back to an existing project.  This used to be on my design wall, but I had to give that up for my hubby's temporary office space.  It has to stay stored in my project box until I can work on it which is today!  Remember this one?

Inspired by this picture?

Many of you were EXTREMELY helpful to me on this project as I didn't have enough bright fabrics with black backgrounds you generously shared with me.  Thank you so much.   I think I have enough left over to make another quilt! 

Here are some of my string slabs.  Do you recognize any of these fabrics? 

Love those peace symbols and bicycles!

Saturn is so cool!

Ladies with shades!

And of course Thor's hammer!  Love this!

Dress form and chickens!

This is what I started with this morning . . .

And now three more rows sewn together and ready to add . . .

I just noticed something though.  I like the Kaffe Fasset squares that have more red and orange in them and not so much of the pink.  I have quite a bit of that left over so I may need to recut some of those squares to get more red and orange.

It's pretty cold out and we have our fire place blazing.  Now it's so hot in here I can't wear my favorite hoodie while I sew! 

So what are you up to today? I'd love to hear what you're doing! 

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Please Help Me Decide

Time for me to ask for opinions!  Will you help me? I have decisions to make!

Please pardon the sloppy look of this block, it's not sewn together yet.  😊  As most of you already know, I am participating in Sarah Fielke's 2019 Block of the Month.

I LOVE hearing other's opinions on fabric choices.  Yes, I know it is MY quilt and yes, I will end up doing the way I like best,  but sometimes other peoples insights about how they would do something sparks an idea I hadn't thought of before so I hope you'll humor me.   In other words, you inspire me!

Following are pictures of my Sarah Fielke Block of the Month stuck up on the design wall in pieces.   I got my first decision made with the help of Instagram friends!  I was choosing whether to do a lighter green between the inner houses like this . . .

Or dark green like this . . .

I think I'm going to go with the dark green; however, should I use the dark green solid as shown?  Or the dark green print that is being used with the circles?

OK, that's the first decision.

Second one is regarding the canteloupe colored fabric in the corners.  I cut some alternate pieces with black and pink for two of the corners and here is how that half of the block looks.  Do you like the black or the canteloupe better or would you suggest a whole NEW color?

Keep in mind that this block is only the center of a medallion quilt using this design so some of the colors may feel like they don't belong, but they will be used again later in the quilt.

So yes, I am asking you to be co-designers with me!  These pieces aren't that big so if you have a color to try, I'm willing to try it.  I'm having fun with this block and am looking forward to sewing it all together for the first round of this Block of the Month.

Also, I completely forgot to share something I got in the mail not too long ago from my "pen pal" in the UK.  Kate Heads.  I guess she's technically an e-mail pal.  She is a sweetie and she sent me two house blocks out of the blue!  I was soooo excited!  I have two more blocks to finish a four by four layout and then I will decide whether I want to make one more row or not.   Here they are . . .

Love the colorful purples and cute calicos!

Thank you, Kate!  You made my day!!!!!!!!!!  Love you, girl!

OK, I am excitedly waiting to hear LOTS of opinions and ideas!  
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Update on BOM progress + EYE CANDY

OK, I'm really doing this!  I'm taking the plunge and going for it on the Sarah Fielke Block of the Month.  You can see the first post I wrote about this design here along with some fun colorways other quilters have created.  I've colored about a half a dozen different plans before I landed on this one that I'm STILL not even sure if it's exactly what I'll do but at least I have a jump off place.  Here's what I've got so far . . .

The first block we make is only the square that contains the eight little houses.    My plan shows yellow on the houses but they are actually going to be this polka dot fabric with purple roofs, pink doors, and cheddar windows.  See, I'm already off the plan!  But the main goal was to keep it a light color so at least I managed to do that.  

I have so much enjoyed seeing all of the blocks that have already been made.  Everybody who is doing this BOM can sign up for the Facebook group and post pictures of their progress there.  SO MUCH EYE CANDY!!  Oh my goodness.  I got permission to share some of the different versions of this first block of Sarah Fielke's BOM.  So enjoy the view! I'll share my block when it's farther along.

This one is by Suzanne Hampton.  
I love how she used some Mary Engelbrecht scraps for the applique circles.

Here's another example of some fun fussy cutting with raccoons, bears, rabbits, and squirrels!  This block was created by Mari Linfesty.

This one was created by Bernadette Howson. who is going scrappy!  She did have a picture of her completed block but for some reason the fabrics show up better in this one.  Beautiful colors!

Helen Hope is responsible for these fun colors using some Kaffe Fasset fabrics.

This beauty is by Heather Stevens-Lott.  Have you noticed I tend to like the brightly colored ones?

This one was made by Tessa Van Vulpen from Perth Australia.  So crisp and precise looking!  She put house numbers on each house too.  😊

This cutie was made by Colleen Kobata.  Love the gingham and the fussy cut circles!

These beautiful purple and blue shades were put together by Inca Marie Turton
Love those fussy cut owls by Gina Olson-James!

Can you believe this psychadelic block!!   Such a great 60's vibe!   
This was created by Marianne Stewart.

As much as I like bright colors, I absolutely fell in love with this block by Dianna Alger using traditional fabrics.  I think this is my favorite and I'm TRULY tempted to start over using this color way.  It will go better with the colors in my bedroom.  I've never made a quilt for my own bed yet and I think this one might be the one.  Did I tell you my husband is making us a king size bed???  EEEK!!  I can hardly wait!  If the quilt rack he made me is any indication of how it's going to turn out, I'm thinking it's going to look fantastic!

I was told by Dianna that most of these fabrics are from Kim Diehl.   So I'm putting out a call right now!  If anyone wants to sell or destash any Civil War reproduction fabrics or Kim Diehl fabrics, please do let me know.   I am in hunter/collector mode!  I've seen the Wit & Wisdom bundle she has out right now.  YUM!!

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