Monday, July 20, 2020

Finishes, Instagram and Auctions!

Look Monica!  I'm almost done with your quilt! 
 Just binding and only half left to do!  

Here is the full length picture of just the flimsy.  I found some vintage cowboy fabric to put on the back of it.

I had to go look back in the archives of my blog to find out how long ago I started this quilt.  It was 2016!  Here are a few closeups of the fabrics.  So cute for a little buckaroo!  I just quilted it with loop de loops similar to what a rope might look like

Monica, a friend of mine who has the cutest little grandson asked if she could buy it from me even though it was just a flimsy.  OF COURSE!  I only have granddaughters right now and I can always make another one if I need to.  So that kind of gives me some incentive to finish!

I want to tell you about something fun.  My daughter, the entrepreneur.  She loves to thrift shop!  She buys all her clothes at thrift stores and you would never know it.  She always looks so put together and cute.  I'm jealous.  Anyway, since she loves thrifting so much, she decided to start a little part time business on Instagram selling cute things she has found at thrift stores.  She uses herself and her friends as models and she's doing pretty well for just starting out! You can view her little shop on Instagram at hellohappythrifts.  She also threw in a little bit of crafting into the mix by hand embroidering  these cutoff's.  Cute!

Although this item isn't for sale I had to show you.  She hand embroidered the flowers above the pocket of a $2 denim jacket to give it a little pizzaz.

In other news, I have volunteered to organize an online auction fundraiser.  Our church has partnered with a church in the Philippines to help buy food for their hunger relief program.  Ever since Covid struck, the people hardest hit are the poorest families who have no way to provide for themselves when their country is locked down.  This church has been feeding hundreds of people and we want to continue helping them.  One of the first items donated for our auction is a quilt made by Eula Dunn.  Eula is a quilting machine!  She is wheelchair bound but does not let that stop her! She has made more quilts than I can even count!   Here is the quilt she made for our auction and  I hope it gets lots of bids.

The auction will take place on Saturday, August 15 on our church Facebook page.  I wish I could finish things as fast as Eula but there is no way I can get one done by the 15th.  So instead, I will be gathering donations.  So far, we have a quilt, a kayak and a table and chairs. Yikes!   I need smaller stuff!  Those larger items will have to sell to local people only but I'm hoping to get more donations of things that are shippable.  We'll see!  Wish me luck!  

Oh, I almost forgot to share my latest chicken block!  She is one fancy chicken!

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  1. You are one busy lady! Nice finish on the quilt - those cowboy fabrics are lovely! You daughter is sure to be a success with her shop - those embroidery details make those finds look like designer clothing!

  2. Love that chicken block! Pattern?

    1. This pattern is out of print design made by Country Threads who recently opened up a new website. They responded to me that they are working on getting a PDF created for this chicken pattern but it isn't available yet. I'll let you know when I hear back from them.

  3. My favorite part of this post? The picture of you - what a sweet photo - I love seeing people since we all usually post pics of quilts, right? What a treat.

    OK - the vintage cowboy quilt is fantastic. It includes simple patchwork and vintage fabrics - my favorite things!

    Your daughter got the creative gene from her mama - I hope she is a success. What a fun adventure. I am going to go take a look at her IG feed.

    What a fun post Janice. :-)

  4. Thanks for the shoutout mama :)

  5. Oh how I have missed thrifting expeditions! There are precious few clothes in our closet that haven't come from that source (altho' I DO draw the line at underwear and shoes!). I hope your daughter does well with her new venture. So fun to see you ...and of course that fun quilt too.

  6. I love that photo of you! Such a cute quilt, and I love the backing. That quilt by Eula is pretty amazing. Good luck with the auction!

  7. Good luck with the auction! The cowboy quilt is very cute, perfect for a little cowboy of either gender.

  8. Love seeing this picture of you doing hand binding. Thanks for sharing! It's great that your daughter has your creativity, and is using it to make old clothing look fresh. Her embroidery designs are very cute. Best wishes with your fundraiser. That's a very worthy cause, but it's certainly more difficult to raise money during a pandemic. I hope collections go smoothly for you.

  9. Great cause to raise money. Our church is preparing to help people who will become homeless because of the pandemic. Heartbreaking changes for so many people. Love your chicken block!

  10. Lovely pic of you Janice. What a clever daughter you have, obviously takes after her Mom. Good luck with the auction.

  11. I enjoyed seeing your picture, busily stitching that binding! One more UFO finished and out the door! Great job, Janice! Most of my clothes are from thrift stores, too, but I only shop when I need something. I hope your daughter's new venture meets with a modicum of success and continues to grow. It’s such a good idea. Isn’t it fun that just a few embroidery stitches completely changes a garment? She’s clever, just like her mum! Good luck with the auction. I hope it is a great success. Kudos to your church for rising to the challenge, and to you for stepping up to help make it happen!


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