Sunday, August 16, 2020

Do You Like 1930's Reproduction Fabric?

 If you like 1930's reproduction feedsack fabric come bid on a lot of fabric I just put up in our hunger relief auction!  I just added the fabric items so you will have to scroll through all the other items to get to the fabric goodies.  There are over 75 pieces of fabric in this lot.  Each piece is at least 8 x 10 inches, but many are bigger than that.

Click here to view the auction being run on Facebook and be sure to bookmark it!  If there is enough interest, I may be adding some more fabric and I think there will be some bargains to be had!  No reserves!  If it sells for $5, it sells for $5!   

By the way, I should have asked this before but if there is anyone out there that has any completed quilts they would like to donate for this auction, please let me know!    

You won't even need to mail it to me, all I need is a few good pictures of your item and if anyone bids on it, I'll send you the money for postage and where to send it.  Any takers out there?  I could just kick myself that I have two quilt tops done but didn't get them quilted in time.

Our auction will run all week and bidding closes this coming Saturday at noon.  I'd love it if I got to send this fabric to one of my quilting buddies!


  1. I would love to make a bid but it would have to be mailed to me.

  2. Hi GranChris! That is fine. The fabric is not for local pickup only. We will absolutely mail it to the high bidder but we do ask the winner to cover the cost of postage. Bid away! If you are not a registered member of Facebook, I can place the bid for you.

  3. Hmm. Sorry I'm not a fan of reproduction prints... but I used to be! :-) Once modern quilts entered my life, about ten years ago, I began weeding out repros, Civil War, batiks, small florals, and anything brown. I learned in a workshop that brown is my "ick" color, so I don't use it. Still, you'll surely have some takers on the fabrics. Lots of quilters love it. Best wishes with your auction.


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