Thursday, July 9, 2020

Anybody Out There Want Some Mens Ties?

Is anybody out there interested in a bunch of mens ties?  These were given to me along with some other fabric scraps and I have no use for them.  Here is a quickie picture of some of them and I can take a more detailed one of the whole group if you wish.  I have 12 regular ties and one Christmas tie.  I will gift these to the first person who says they want them if you are willing to pay the postage.

Shortest blog post ever!   

No, I can't just leave it at that.  I have to share something quilty.  Hmm.  Let's see.  I am up to row 7 (out of 15) on my king size quilt.  Making progress!

Here are a few blocks I made this week for my Civil War Sampler quilt.  Struggling with getting the points to match up on these.  I chose to make the 8 inch block instead of the 12 and that was a mistake.  The 8 inch blocks have some odd size pieces and the instructions say to sew with a scant 1/4 inch.  I have a hard enough time trying to sew accurate regular 1/4 inch seams!

And here is another squirrel project to use up some scraps. I'm gonna make a chicken quilt!  I made this block wrong but it was good practice.

I seem to have an attraction to them.  I am waffling between making an entire quilt with the same block or doing a variety of different chicken blocks.  I already have three chicken patterns now and there are probably more out there.  Well whatever I decide to do, it will be scrappy!

Oh wow!  Did you see the quilt finish by Kelly over at My Quilt Infatuation??  Oh my!  I have been wondering what in the world I am going to do with all the extra 1 1/2" log cabin strips I have after finishing the blocks for my king size quilt and this is soooooooo gonna be it!  

Thanks for the inspiration Kelly!  

I'm only up to 18 inches but I think it's going to end up pretty large!  I think I lost track of which side I was supposed to sew next somewhere along the line.  Oh well, with all those scraps who is going to notice!

You can see why I have so few finishes.  I am easily distracted.  😄

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Treasure Hunting and More

In my ever ongoing hunt for vintage treasure,
I saw this 1950's(I think) nursery rhyme fabric for sale. 
I just couldn't leave it laying there, could I????

My daughter thinks it is creepy.  😄

I suppose the pink eyed animals and shepherdess kind of are . . . 

But the little boy sleeping by the haystack and bunnies is just too sweet.

I have to admit the chicken does look like she's up to no good.

So you know me!  I'm going to ask you for ideas!  What would you do with this?  This piece measures 41 x 50 inches so it would make a great baby blanket.  Would you use this fabric as the front or the back?  And if you use it as the back, what would you put on the front?   So many options!!

In that same store I found this little doll quilt.  I don't think it's very old at all but it's tiny and hand quilted and  it speaks to me.  It will look perfect hanging on my quilt room wall (if I ever get it back!)

In other quilting news, I FINALLY got all the quilt blocks done for my king size log cabin.   This is really the only progress picture I have of that.  I guess I could have been a little less lazy and moved those pillows out of the way!

 I have begun sewing the rows together a little at a time.  I'm using it as my leader/ender project while I try to get caught up on my Blocks of the Month project. I've got three rows done so far. 

And here is my collection of my blocks for the BOM.  One of these is not like the other!  Yes I goofed up and read the cutting instructions wrong on one.   I guess I'll have to remake it with fabric from my own stash.  Not the end of the world.  😊

If you don't want to give me any suggestions for what to do with that nursery rhyme fabric, what are you going to be up to on the Fourth of July?  I half expected our fireworks to be canceled but yay!  They are not!  The neato thing is that we can see them very clearly from our yard!  We don't even have to go anywhere.  Anybody wanna come over and play corn hole?

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Vintage Quilt Tops and Prize Announcement

I was recently given some hand stitched quilt tops.  One of them appears to be fabrics from the 1960's and 70's done in a tumbling blocks design and the other is mostly diamonds sewn into stars and then sewn into a hexagon pattern using shirt materials.  Wanna see?

Here are the tumbling blocks!

If you look closely, you will notice that there are two spots where the carpet shows through.  It's as if someone went into the middle of the quilt and stole two of the blocks!  Do you see them?  They are on either side of the yellow block.  Strange!  What is also strange is the shape of the quilt on the top side of the picture.  It's as if someone took bits and pieces of this quilt to make another.  Perhaps they did.  

Perhaps the quilter was getting bored with it.  All of these tumbling blocks are made the same way except this purple and blue one.  She started getting creative!

Anyway, this is all hand sewn and I am not a hand piecer.  What would you do with this if you were me?

The second one is also a puzzle to me.  Here is the full picture first.  It's fairly large.  I had to stand on top of the coffee table to get it all in the picture.  Don't worry, it is very sturdy.  

Each block is made up of 7 stars made out of diamonds.  There is one star in the middle, with six more stars surrounding it.  Each block measures 17 inches across.  Again, this quilt is an odd shape and I can't figure out where it was meant to stop and start.  All of this is hand sewn and appears to mostly be made out of shirt fabric.  Here are a few closeups of the blocks.

This quilts is so much fun to look at and I would love to see it finished but again, I do not enjoy hand piecing.   What would you suggest I do?  I am thinking about taking the two hexies that are sticking out on each end and moving them to the sides so the quilt will have four rows of four.  Right now, it is 1 block, then 3, then 4, another 4, then 3 and back to 1.  It's still going to be irregular and I would either have to bind it that way, or chop of half of some of the blocks.  UGH!   What would you do?

I do owe my readers an apology.    I totally dropped the ball on getting the prize winner list published for the Quilted Legacy Blog Hop.  😕  I'm sorry about that.  We were thrilled to death with the response to this blog hop!  So many lovely comments.  I think Paula would have been pleased.  To be honest, I have not felt like doing the things I normally love to do (quilty stuff) and I can't figure out why.  Life is so strange right now and it's leaving me with an unsettled feeling.  How about you?

Each of the winners have been contacted and connected with the prize giver.  The only change is that the winner of the gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop lives in Canada so I decided to buy her certificate from a fabric store in Canada so she wouldn't have to use up so much of it in postage.

Needle & FootHetty
fabric shop gift certificate
Magpie's Mumblings
quilty cardsNancy Bekedam
Grace & Peace Quilting
Canuck Quilt pattern
Nancy J
Sew Fresh Quilts
Susan @ desertsuz
Cactus Queen gift certificate
Linda in PA
Quilted Jet GirlSharon
Sugarfree quilt pattern
FIGO FQ bundleJoy @ Joyful Quilter
Enlightened Spaniel Books
Joye Cox

I'd love to hear ideas about what you would do with these vintage tops.  I hope you don't get tired of me asking for ideas.  Paula used to be faithful in telling me what she thought and I loved that.  Will you be my new Paula?

Friday, May 8, 2020

Quilted Legacy Blog Hop

Thank you to Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts for allowing us to use her quilt in our Blog Button!

Welcome to Day 3 of the Creating a Quilted Legacy Blog Hop.  An event organized to honor the life and memory of fellow creator and quilter, Paula Budinger who recently passed away.  This last Wednesday, May 6 would have been her 79th birthday.   

You can read more about this amazing lady  here.  This blog hop was the brainchild of Kate Heads of Smiles With Kate to honor our friend Paula.  And there is a list of prizes at the end that you will have a chance to win.

I have really  enjoyed reading the blog posts written by people who knew her. They allowed me to get to know her just a little bit better.  For me, Paula was one of those people that you just naturally felt like you were friends simply because of our shared passion for quilting.  She was generous with her advice and didn't mind sharing her opinions when asked.  Very much appreciated by a fairly rookie quilter!  If you haven't already learned a lot about Paula during this blog hop, take some time to visit her blog Paula B Quilts!

Each blogger will be making a quilt to be donated to a charity of their choice in honor of Paula's passion for 

The quilt I decided to make starts with this layer cake by Boundless Fabrics.  

I was inspired to choose this bundle because of this quilt made by Paula  for Covered in Love.

Aren't these luscious pinks blues and browns?

I chose a simple square in a square pattern and it's a good thing I did or I never would have finished in time!   Once I got the top sewn together, I realized I had no a clue what I was going to use for the back and binding.  I really lucked out this time.  Amongst the pile of fabrics I bought at an auction this summer was the PERFECT option!  Guess what the name of the fabric was?

The Boundless Fabrics really do remind me of an English Garden!  Beatrix Potter designed the perfect plaid to go with them.

And here's the finished quilt!

My quilt will be donated to my favorite local charitable organization by the name of Love, Inc.  I believe they will be putting it into their Grace Place store to help raise funds to support their life changing activities. 

Thanks so much for stopping by my stop on the blog hop and following is a list of the rest of the participants for all three days.  I hope you'll visit them all!

Each comment you leave on the participating blogs gets you an entry into the drawing for each of these prizes.   The only exceptions are the fabric prizes and cards.  Those are available to those located in the U.S.  Everything else is a potential prize for all!  You have one week to leave as many comments as you wish and the drawing will take place on May 15.

Lorna, Sew Fresh Quilts, $50 gift certificate for her pattern shop.
Yvonne Quilting Jetgirl, 2 PDF patterns of choice.
Bernie Needle and Foot, $25 certificate for her shop.
A fat quarter bundle from Figo Fabrics
A set of quilty gift cards from Initial Thought by DMF  Note cards set 1
A pattern of choice from Karen, Sugar Free Quilts
A $30 gift certificate for Doris, Cactus Queen Quilt Co
A PDF pattern of choice from Joanne,
$25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop (donated by Janice Holton)
The Enlightend Spaniel (Book 1 & 2) by Gary Heads

Thanks for taking part in our memorial for Paula!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

My First 2020 Finish!

She's not very big at all, but it IS a finish! These are so few and far between for me that I celebrate every single one.  YAHOO!!  She's done!  This is my log cabin baby quilt with that Little House on the Prairie vibe.   What color did I choose for the binding?  GOLD!  Or is it cheddar?

All of your suggestions were so good! Any one of them would have worked.  I ended up going with a high contrast (thanks Kate) or maybe it's more medium contrast binding and I believe Carol made the suggestion about the gold.  Janine Marie reminded me about the concept of auditioning (on Instagram).  DUH!  I auditioned dozens and dozens of fabrics.  I wanted something that looked good with both the front and the back and it was harder than I thought it would be!  Remember this back?

This view is kind of "blah" but I just love looking at all those comfy browns up close. 

 I don't know what it is about brown that makes me think of homemade cozy quilts but it does.

I used this fabric every other block on the back . . .

And this fabric in the border . . . 

I don't know why I didn't see this sooner but the one color they both had in common was gold!

Auditioning . . .

Yep!  That's the winner.  I know the gold is a little brighter than the golds in the quilt but it's the closest I had.  I actually had to piece together quite a few strips because I only had this fabric in fat quarters.  Another fabric used from my auction purchase last summer!

There were even a few logs in the neutral part of the quilt that had gold in them.

One more gratuitous glamour shot.  

Ahhh!  So happy with this. 

Do you want to hear something CRAZY?  My son and his beautiful wife have three adorable little girls but they really want to add a boy to their family, and not just one boy but twin boys!   Their youngest girl isn't even a year old yet and they are talking about wanting twins! More power to 'em if they've got the energy. I personally think they are nuts!   The funny thing is that it is entirely possible.  I have twin uncles on my dad's side of the family and my DIL says they have twins in her family line too.  Hmm!  Here's hoping they get their boy and if they do,  I'm hanging onto this quilt to give to my DIL for her first baby boy and I have enough of all these fabrics to make another one . . . just in case!

As you may or may not know, I work at a local University and this week we got the word that the campus is closing down.  All classes will be held online and everyone who can, will be doing their job from home.  That includes me.    So not only is my former quilt room now an office for my husband but for me as well.  Isn't this lovely? LOL!

I now do my piecing and (rarely) quilting in a corner of our bedroom.

Quick message to QuiltGranma.  You are a no-reply commenter so I have been unable to reply to your sweet comments.  You definitely sound like a kindred spirit!  Please shoot me an e-mail so I'll have your address and can respond to you.  janice (at)  Actually, that goes for any of you that want to chat about quilting.  I'm game!

On a completely unrelated subject, my husband has decided to become a bee keeper!  Random!  This will be interesting.  The bees arrive in April.  Do any of you know anything about bee keeping?  Tips for us?  He's reading up on it and preparing the bee boxes.  ANOTHER interesting adventure!

Stay healthy everybody!

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Great Progress!

I misspoke last week when I said only two rounds of logs to go and my king size quilt will be done.  I meant to say the BLOCKS will be done.  Here is what a stack of 210 log cabin blocks looks like.  These are made with 1 1/2" logs and measure 7 1/2" square.  I plan to make my quilt layout 14 x 15.

Now to lay them out!  And then start sewing the rows together.  I think I kind of overdid it on cutting my logs.  I have three boxes full of logs left over!

Quilters are such an encouraging bunch!  Thank you for the kind words about the wobbles in my quilting and the encouragement to just forge ahead.  I'm doin' it!  You are right, I do tend to get overly critical of my own work when I would never, ever dream of thinking the same things about someone else's wobbles.  In fact, when I do happen to notice a wobble on someone else's quilt, it actually makes me feel not so alone.  I finished the Baptist Fan quilting!  No closeups.  LOL!  I think I photographed this upside down

Now all I have to do  is trim and add binding.  I asked on Instagram for suggestions about binding.  I got a few suggestions but wouldn't mind more!  I am indecisive on this one.  Not sure what I want to do.  What would you do?  This is where I miss Paula.  She would always have a suggestion for me. 😔

For the RS Challenge I've made three more Scrappy Trip Around the World Blocks . . .

I messed up on this next one because I was trying to always put the darkest color down the middle and I sewed them in the wrong order.  Sheesh!  Not going to rip it.  It stays.

And here are all the blocks that I have so far this year.  I missed out on the January color of green.  Thinking about making some of those too.

Blocks 16 and 17 for my Civil War Reproduction Block of the Month.  Loving these vintage colors!

OK, hopefully, next time I publish a post, I'll have a quilt finish to show you!  That is if I can make a decision about what kind of binding to use.  Would love your input!

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