Monday, September 3, 2018

Reroofing a House (Before and After)

So sweet to have two blogging buddies contact me this week to see if I was doing ok.  I wasn't sure why they were asking until I realized it had been a month since I did a blog post!  You ladies made my week and you know who you are!  💓💓

As you know if you've been following me for a while, I have been making random house blocks every so often using a design by Sandra at Mmm! Quilts!  I have been making them in different color ways and my most recent color was red.  Red is my favorite color so I couldn't figure out why in the world I did not like this house!  Here is the offending block:

Then someone made a comment to  me after I was lamenting that I did not like my red block but couldn't figure out why.  They pointed out that I wanted the block to read "red" but the roof reads more like white.  So I decided to reroof that darn red house block!

Here is the reroofed red block . . . Ahh, much better!!

Oh, I did something on a whim that is not like me.  I ordered myself a piece of furniture.  A new sewing chair!  I am blaming my fellow quilt bloggers for this one.  I saw this chair on somebody's blog (can't remember where now) as they had just ordered a bunch of them for a retreat center somewhere.    Maybe one of you saw that blog post?  Anyway, here she is!  I LOVE IT!!  And I didn't even know it when I ordered it but the seat lifts up for some extra storage.  It's perfect for keeping my BSR foot and walking foot very handy.  And the cushioned back is in the perfect spot to support my back when I'm sewing.  Love the color and the fabric too!

One step closer to having a "cute" sewing room.  Right now it's just messy.  Here is the one corner that looks halfway inviting.  It's just a chair for anyone who wants to come in and talk with me while I'm sewing.  And it's still got boxes and "stuff" piled around it.  It is a work in progress for sure.

Not only have I been neglecting my blogging but also my sewing!  I belong to a Stash Bee and I am soooo behind on getting our queen's blocks done.  I finished one tonight (please forgive me Sue!!)  

And Jen's block which was made a long time ago but never got mailed (I am TERRIBLE!)  These are both going in the mail tomorrow.  What is my problem?????

Last but not least, I am still struggling to keep at Ashley's quilt.  It took me forEEEEEVer to decide how I was going to quilt in between the lattice colors and finally went with one I've done before. Swirls.  I kinda like doing those.  I'm on the home stretch.  Yes, I did cheat and used the scallops on two different colors.  They are easy  and quick and I am soooo wanting to be done with this quilt!  Ashley, if you're reading this, yes I know YOU want me to be done too!

Oh, I forgot one more thing!  My son just informed me that I am going to have a third grandchild!  Oh my!  That was unexpected!  The last one just turned one not that long ago!  Well, I have to say those two really do create the most beautiful children so I am looking forward to meeting this new little one.  We're all hoping for a boy this time (two girls already) but if not, oh well!  

It's good to be back blogging again and I am hoping and praying that my good friend Kate (Smiles From Kate) is going to feel like sewing again soon.  What an awful ordeal she has been through!

I hope you all got lots of sewing time in these week and I'll close this blog post with a beautiful sunrise that I caught on the way out of my driveway last week.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Geese Migration

I'm enjoying making these Geese Migration blocks every so often!  Since the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for July is red, I've added a red one to my collection.

Here's a closeup view.

That blank corner is just screaming for an orange block don't you think?  
Do I hafta wait for the RSC color to be orange to make one?  

I certainly hope not because I just couldn't do it!

I was planning on making a bigger quilt, but it kind of looks good the way it is!  
Kind of small though right now, even for a baby quilt.  Hmm.  
Would love to hear ideas on how to finish it off and make it a little larger.

And I did get the borders sewn on my RSC red project.   And I'm so excited that a red print fabric that I bought at a yard sale just a few weeks ago is going to work for the back.   Yahoo!!

I really enjoyed using up a bunch of red scraps for this project and have been fun watching all the other RSC projects in the works.   

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Stash Reduction Continued

I shared the big red squares I cut out last time to participate in the RSC color red this month.  All by themselves, they are pretty boring.  They are "old" red. 

Thanks to Louise at My Quilt Odyssey's great suggestion, the collection of old red is being livened up with some turquoise sashing.

I thought it needed something more and I got a lot of great suggestions from all of you (piano keys, mixing new reds with old reds, improv, scrappy improv, flying geese, funky geometrics, large floral)  and I am definitely going to be trying a variety of them in future "stash reduction" quilts.   Since I was hoping for this quilt top to be a fairly quick finish, I think I'm going to go with a big piece I have in my stash and not do a lot of piecing.  It's kind of a mix between the "new" reds and the "funky geometric".    I'm feeling lazy this week, can you tell?

What do you think of this?  This print is so bright and colorful, I just love it. I've kind of been hoarding it for a long time with absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it but I think it really helps give this "old red" quilt some life, don't you?

I hope the next time I post, I'll at least have a finished quilt top to show you.  And THEN you know I'll be asking advice about binding and backing so be ready to brainstorm!  Love my online mentors!!

While I had my red scraps out I decided to make another house block too!

This one doesn't look quite as modern as the other three.  But I'm thinking I don't mind that.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Guess What I'm Going to Make with This!

Recently, I won a bundle of fat quarters from Bernie at Needle and Foot.   This was the June Blogger Bundle curated by Paige Alexander of Quilted Blooms.  I love it!!!  So bright and summery.

So I immediately set out to find a pattern that would show off these fun summer colors.  I found the perfect pattern and I can't wait to make it!  This will be a little incentive for me to hurry up and get Ashley's quilt  done.  You want to see what I chose, I know!  But I'm just going to tease you a little bit and just show you a little at a time as I'm making it.  I'll show you my progress as I go.  As you may or may not know, I HAVE to get Ashley's quilt done first!

I FINALLY figured out why in the world I was dragging my feet so badly on my daughter's quilt. Remember this top that's been hanging around forever?

I love her to death!  And who wouldn't love this creatively costumed sweetiepie?

She's really excited to have it before school starts and I want to make her happy so why don't I just finish it already?!!!  I think I've been doing some psychological mind blocking and my subconscious knew there was something unpleasant still to do.  I picked her quilt up again a few days ago and I had completely forgotten that there was a big section of quilting I have to unpick because there's a huge spot that the fabric folded over on itself.  See this awful spot with a big fold quilted in?  Still not sure how that happened!
Well, I've obviously been avoiding this but no longer.  It needed to be unpicked and I finally did it.   So maybe now we'll have some progress!

I've been fiddling with little things here and there.  One of the things I did was kind of an impromptu project.  My daughter-in-law, Krystel has a baby blanket that used to be hers (so it's well used) and her youngest daughter is using it right now.  It had a stain on it that wouldn't come out and she asked me if there was something I could do to cover it up so this is what I did . . .

Applique is not my strength so I was pretty happy with the way this turned out!

I also completed a block for Jen Rosin who was our June queen for the Stash Been I belong to.  She gave us free reign to pretty much make whatever we wanted as long as they were tertiary colors.  The first time she used that word, I didn't know what in the world she meant!  Tertiary colors are colors made by combining a primary color with its closest neighboring secondary color (on either side when viewing the color wheel).   I could NOT get this picture to look like the true colors.  Pooey!
This is one of the blocks Jen suggested for ideas of something she liked.  The pattern is a block from Quilter's Cache called Chain Links.  The original block was just two colors but I changed it to four and it took FOREVER to figure out how many of what pieces to cut.  There are 75 pieces in this block!  it measure 16 1/2" square.   I started to write a tutorial for a multi-color block but decided probably not many would be wanting to make it.  I can definitely give you the pieces to cut for each color if you're interested, and really, once you have that, you can figure out the layout as long as you have a picture to look at.

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for this month is red.  I really need to use up my stash.  I have a lot of OLD fabrics.  Many of which I picked up at a yard sale from a lady who was doing a big destash.  My favorite color is red so I have a lot of it.  I decided to just start cutting as big of blocks as I could and start sewing them together.  So here we are with a bunch of 10" blocks plus two blocks made that size improv style.

Then I couldn't decide what color sashing to use and Louise at Quilt Odyssey to the rescue (be sure to read her most recent post entitled Delighted, it's a fun read!).  She told me she had been working with a red and turquoise color scheme so she suggested turquoise or a bright blue.  Perfect!  I happened to have enough of that particular color!

I had to make the sashing fairly skinny because I didn't think I'd have enough otherwise.   The sad thing is after making as large of squares as I could, it hardly made a dent in my stash!  Oh well.  I think it needs something more, don't you?  What else would you do? 

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Adventures with FMQ & a Scrappy Quilt

I've been watching all the FMQ videos I can get my hands on and this is the motif that I've been practicing on lately.  I learned this one from Lori Kennedy's video entitled Divide & Conquer on Craftsy.  Isn't this cute?  I just love it!  It's all done by drawing grid lines one inch apart.  The bows, placed at every other intersection, are just a small figure 8 and a larger figure 8, and the wavy lines just go diagonally from corner to corner.   I'm still a little bit shaky, but in spite of that, I really like how it looks!

The next motif I quilted on Ashley's quilt is a simple orange peel design.  I'm getting so close to being done!  I just need to decide what I'm going to quilt in the white squares between all the lattice work.  
What would you quilt there if you were doing this?

Last time I showed you the string project I was making inspired by Amanda Jean's book No Scrap Left Behind.  I've been having so much fun making these black background slabs.

I showed you a bunch of different solid fabrics I had auditioned for the cornerstones and decided to use a Kaffe Fasset print.   What do you think?

After I sewed a few blocks together I started second guessing myself about the cheddar color as the main squares.  There was a little bit of blue in the Kaffe Fasset fabrics so I auditioned a blue square in place of the cheddar . . .

I do like it with the blue but THEN I remembered why I had chosen the cheddar color in the first place.   This quilt is going to be one that we use on our couch over which is hanging a painting I bought.  Remember this?

I love the way the light is reflected on the wet sidewalk in this painting and that's where the inspiration for this quilt came from.

 Here's the most recent pictures of my progress.  To you ladies who so graciously sent me your black scraps, do you recogize any of your fabrics in here? I'm really having fun with this! 

Can't wait to actually have a quilt that I made to cuddle with on our couch!  But I gotta finish Ashley's quilt first and then get started on Morgan's!

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Monday, June 11, 2018

What is This Pattern Called?

I had a friend today asking what the name of this pattern is called.   It is definitely a hexagon shaped design, but is there a specific name for this particular design?  Anybody know?

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

Update!   Thank you to Vireya for identifying this pattern for us!  She shared:

Jinny Beyer's "Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns" calls it "Endless Chain", Alice Brooks, Detroit Free Press, Jun 5 1940. Also known as "Economical Chain", Laura Wheeler, Americana Designs Quilts, ca 1940.

Ashley's Next Quilt Design

I've been playing hooky from quilting for a little bit but finally got going again.  Here is the next design  motif I've been working on for Ashley's quilt.  I've always liked the look of scallops so I decided to try it freehand.  Not as perfect as using a drawn design, but not too bad in spite of the bobbles and it covers territory quickly!

Recently, I shared a request for scraps with a black or dark background.  Do you want to see what I'm making with them?  The black scraps are being cut into random size strings and the strings are being sewn together to make slabs like this . . .

The slabs are being used to make a design from Amanda Jean's book "No Scrap Left Behond"  and this is the quilt I will be making.  This is a picture of a picture so the colors aren't very accurate but you get the idea.

I will be using a solid cheddar gold color where the green squares appear in Amanda's quilt . . .

I auditioned lots of different ideas for the cornerstone pieces . . .

I wasn't really excited about any of those.  I finally found something I like but I will leave that for a surprise to show you after I get more slabs made.  I want to give a shout out to Janine at Quilts from the Little House and Nicole from Handwrought Quilts for sending me some colorful scraps with a black background.  Oh!  I almost forgot!  I won a pink scrap giveaway from Mari at Academic Quilter.  When I got the package I found she had also included some black scraps for my project.  Thank you, Mari, Janine and Nicole!  Quilty friends are the best!

In other "color" adventures, here are a few photos I took this week.  
So much fun and colorful photography material during spring!

 I have always been a collector at heart and I have developed a new attraction to miniature floral oil paintings.  I would like to create a small collage of these and here is what I have so far.  These are currently sitting in a bookshelf until I have collected enough to make a collage on the wall.  I found both of these at an antique store.  One of them for $5! The one on the left was more but I had to have it because I really liked the frame.   I am having fun being on the lookout for these.

I recently went on a trip to see my sister's youngest son gradate from high school.  Congratulations Dane!  Here he is with his three siblings and one brother-in-law!

While I was visiting, my sister took pity on me (sewing withdrawals) and dug out one of her UFO's and let me work on it for her!  It was a wall hanging that she and I had started together about 15 years ago.  I helped her choose fabric and she got a few blocks sewn.  That's pretty much all that got done.   She got out her sewing machine and let me finish piecing it!

The picture below shows the color we chose for the binding.

That yellow plaid drove me nuts as it is not printed straight!  I now have this project at home with me ready to baste and bind.  I'd like to have that done for my sis before she brings her oldest son back to school at the university where I work.

And to end today's blog post, I have to show off my granddaughters.  They are the CUTEST!!  Not that I am biased or anything (grin).  My daughter-in-law has a sister who is a self-taught photographer and very talented if I do say so myself.  

Aren't they stinkin' cute!!?  

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