Thursday, December 27, 2018

All is Well That Ends Well

You may be wondering what ever happened with that elephant project (not really a quilt, just a blankie)  I was working on.  Here is the cutie patootey that it was made for.  This is Bailey Mae and her mama is an elephant lover.  She loved it! (thank goodness)  That is all that matters.  I'm so grateful because that blankie gave me fits!!  So many things went wrong.  I definitely learned a lot making this blanket.  But mostly that I should stick with quilts.  ;)

Here is what it looked like before I added the back on . . .
So far, so good, right?  Instead of a quilt, my plan was to just add on a plush back to the front with no batting so it would be light enough for a toddler to carry around with them.  Things went down hill from there.   Somehow, I did not get the front and the back lined up together and they were different sizes.  Which caused a multitude of problems.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until AFTER I had sewed a decorative stitch around the entire border.   I'm showing you the one little section that looks good because I'm totally embarrassed about the rest.  As you can see, it would have taken me a lifetime to pick out this border stitching to redo the back so I had to just leave it on, wrong size back and all.  (sigh)

Wouldn't you rather see more pictures of the Bailey Mae?  She was 5 lbs and 13 oz at birth.  
She was rarin' to get into this world and came quite early!

Ok, back to the sad story.   The other mistake I made (and I knew better) was that I forgot it's never a good idea to mix different fabric types on the top.  I used both flannel and cotton on the top.  
Here is how it looks after quilting and washing it.  Lots of unwanted creases and tucks.

 The edges tended to fold over the area where the decorative stitching was used.  I forgot you need stabilizer when you're doing that kind of stitching.  I quilted the gray area and that's all.  I left the elephants unquilted (I didn't have the heart to  quilt any more after I saw the mess I had made), just satin stitched around them with hot pink thread.  I was so disappointed in how that turned out, I told Bailey Mae's grandma that I would make her another one.  And I will!  But this time it's going to be a real quilt.  I'm no good at blankies.

One last picture of cutie pie and thus endeth the saga of the elephant blankie.  
Sweet dreams Bailey Mae!

Best of 2018

Hello friends!

Are you all breathing a big "Whew!" like I am?  Wow!  This Christmas was amazing!  But even the best of times are a little stressful.  I'm glad things are getting back to normal.

Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs is hosting her annual Best of 2018 linky party so I'm joining in the fun.

My 2018 post with the most comments and also my favorite big finish was the Modern Plus Sign Quilts Blog Hop with 55 comments.

My most viewed post of 2018 was the one about my $1.50 quilt with over 2200 views!  Apparently we quilters LOVE a good deal.   Here is the finished flimsy.    I have a pretty pastel lavender floral in my stash that I'll be using on the back.  Hopefully this will be a 2019 finish.

My favorite small finish of 2018 was a quilt I made for my youngest granddaughter.  Her mom liked it so much she wants a purple version for her older sister.  It's currently a WIP (work in progress).  I had fun taking photos of this one and even knocked on a complete stranger's door to ask permission to user her yard and porch for photos!  She loved it!  You can read about that here.

The favorite tip I implemented this year was organizing my stash using comic book boards.  I wrote about that in November.



I'm still not quite done.  I'm still putting fabrics on boards and after I'm all done, I'll organize by color.  So those are my favorites of the year.

I just spent the day sewing up a brand new flimsy!  It is completely done!  PLUS my daughter is sewing her first baby quilt today too.  She is so excited about her progress!  ME TOO!  
   I'll blog about that tomorrow.

Wishing you all a fantastic finish to 2018 and a very Happy New Year!

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