Monday, August 15, 2016

Shadow Block Mini Quilt Along!

I have a quick story to tell you!    During this past few months, while participating in the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, I met some wonderful new friends!   Kate at Smiles from Kate was one of the first to welcome me to the blogging world and she's been a great encourager ever since!

Another fellow quilter I met was Jen Rosin of A Dream and a Stitch.  It seemed like almost every single time we talked with each other, we would find one more thing we had in common.  It was kind of spooky!  (in a good way)  This last time we had a conversation, we were both kind of in the same place, in that neither of us had ever made a mini quilt and we both wanted to do so.  As we were talking, we decided we should make one together and blog about it.   So Jen sent me a picture of one she had been thinking about doing and NO WAY!  It was the exact same one I had looked at just a few hours before.  How fun is that!  So it was settled.

We are going to make this mini quilt.

Update:  The Reveal Day for this Quiltalong is found here
And the gallery is found here

It is called Shadow Block Mini Quilt and was designed by Debora of StudioDragonfly.

Now here is the fun part.  We want to invite as many others as would like to participate to jump in and make your own version of this mini quilt.  We are going to turn this into a mini blog hop and have an official Reveal Day.   You can easily make one of these in an afternoon and even quilt it but we are going to give you two whole weeks to get this done.  If you want to participate, here's how!  

1.  Contact either me or Jen no later than August 31 and let us know you want to participate by leaving a comment on this blog or by e-mailing one of us:

Include your name, blog, Instagram address, or wherever you would like to share your quilt.  If you want to share on instagram, use this hashtag:  #shadowminiquilt     Just be sure to wait until September 5th!  And really, you don't even HAVE to have a blog.  Just join us in the fun part.  The making!

2.  Go print out this tutorial and create the quilt.   

3.  Prepare a blog post about it to be revealed on September 5.    That gives you three whole weekends (and everything in between) to get this done.   Please make sure to include a reference to our blogs

Color Creating and Quilting (
A Dream and A Stitch (

as the brains behind the idea!  We hope this idea will generate new traffic for us and for you!

4.  We will be sending a list of all participants to each one who will be making a quilt and blogging about it and would ask that you post this list with a link to each participant's blog just like a blog hop.   It will be so fun to see everybody's interpretation of this fun little quilt.  It is an easy project with some instant gratification. 

Debora Exum of StudioDragonFly, the designer, is also going to participate and announce this mini blog hop on her blog as well.  We are so excited to see everybody's interpretations of this mini quilt.  By the way, you don't have to limit yourself to just one.  Make as many as you like!  Maybe you can get some of your Christmas gifts out of the way?  

Jen and I thought this event up on the fly and really didn't think about any prizes but I'll bet we could come up with SOMETHING if enough of you want that to be part of this little event.  

I hope we get a lot of participation.  The more the merrier!!

So happy quilting my friends

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday!

  2. This looks like a great project, unfortunately I'm swamped with other things otherwise I'd be right onto it. Hope you get a good crowd and I look forward to seeing the results.

    1. I totally understand, Sue. And even if you aren't able to do one for this "mini blog hop", you can always do one later and share it at #minishadowquilt on Instagram. It's so fun seeing different people's interpretation of the same idea. I love it.

  3. Sounds like fun - I'm in! I'll send you an email later today. Thanks for sharing this on Midweek Makers

  4. Looks like a fun pattern. I'll just have to watch everyone else play along, to many other commitments to take time to play this year.

  5. That pattern is on my wish list, going to get around to it one of these day. Need to start Christmas quilts now. I have 4hand stitched tops I want to quiklquiklt for Hubby's girls , made by therir grandmother

  6. That pattern is on my wish list, going to get around to it one of these day. Need to start Christmas quilts now. I have 4hand stitched tops I want to quiklquiklt for Hubby's girls , made by therir grandmother

  7. Oh you enabler you! As if I don't have lots of other quilts I should be working on! I'm in. I think this would make a great leader/ender project between my other sewing. Now to pick my main fabrics, I'll email you shortly.

  8. Been thinking about joining you because this quilt seems like so much fun. Got so many commitments right now that I need to think about it a little longer.

  9. That is fabulous. Love the shadows. I'm joining in too.

  10. Replies
    1. Hi Constance, I tried to reply to you via e-mail but you are a "no reply" commenter. Please contact me at and I'll get you on the list!

    2. I so wish I had sone this one, but realistically I haven't go time now. I look forward to seeing everyones though.


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