Saturday, April 22, 2017

Three Quilts in the Works & Happy Mail

Cacey, if you don't want to see your quilt in progress before it's finished, do not read this blog post.

I have three quilts that need to be done fairly soon.  My daughters dorm quilt, one of her friends who is also graduating this year, and my niece, Cacey who is getting married next month.   I think the grads are ok having their quilts before school starts in the fall, so Cacey's project goes to the top.

I created a Pinterest board and pinned a bunch of fabrics to it in the colors she likes and had her edit it down to the ones she liked the best.  She is a turquoise lover.  I picked a bunch of fabrics to use out of the ones she said she liked.  Matching fabrics online doesn't always go so well!

Here is the fabric I WAS going to use to choose as the main focus:

But when they all arrived, this one just didn't go with the others. It's too teal. They looked good online together but just didn't work.  In fact there were about three that didn't work.  Here are the ones that I ended up keeping.  Cacey loves turquoise and her fiance loves blue so trying to get both colors in here.  I'm still not totally sold on this fabric pull.   I'll be using the same lattice pattern for Cacey's quilt that I'm using for Ashley's (you can see that here).

In the mail this week came a wonderful mini that I have been anticipating for a long time!  My blogging friend Kate at Smiles from Kate and I decided to do a mini exchange.  You can read about the one I made for her here.  And I was so happy this week to receive the one she made for me!  She called it Home to Roost which was appropriate considering that I love house quilts and what I named HER mini!  :D   Isn't this the best???

I am currently writing this blog post from a motel room in Bellevue, Idaho, getting ready to attend a quilting class taught by Cynthia Brunz of Quilting is More Fun Than Housework!  I can't wait!  I will also get to meet Barb at Mountain Quiltworks as it is her quilt guild that scheduled this class with Cynthia.  I live about 3 hours away and drove up to spend the night so I can be fresh to learn new things from Cynthia.  So worth it!   Here is one of the beautiful views I got to see on the drive up here.  Isn't Idaho gorgeous?

I had LOTS of other happy mail this week in addition to Kate's great mini.  One was Cacey's fabric (seen above) and the other was an impulse buy.  You know the ones.  Facebook knows what you like and keeps showing ads to tempt you.  Well, I gave into one of those temptations.  This one came from Robin at Fabric Pantry and she had it packaged so pretty!
Here's a view of all the fabric:
Yes, I know they aren't very modern, but I still have a soft spot for traditional fabrics and I guess I probably always will!

And last but not least, at least not in my mind!  Our building update.  All the concrete has been poured.  Here is the front porch:

Back patio:
Triple car garage:

They started framing today!  YAHOO!!  So I'll have lots to show you by Monday.  Everything I learned in Cynthia's class and something that actually resembles the beginnings of a house!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I see what you mean about the fabric that didn't work, your final pull is much better and a nice mix of lights and darks. Is it just me or does the front porch and back patio look somewhat identical? There is nothing wrong with liking traditional fabrics, and the betting is that in ten or twenty years they will be the modern ones and the text prints of today will be criticised as old fashioned and dated (literally hehe). Have a great class, I expect to hear all about it.

    1. Ha! You are exactly right! I put the same picture in twice. Thanks for catching that. All fixed!

  2. I had to look and see where that town is that you are taking the class at - I used to live in Arco many years ago and loved the Sun Valley area for camping. I didn't realize you lived in Idaho - I love that state.

  3. I can't wait to hear all about your weekend, so soak it all in! Love your fabric pull for Casey's quilt.

  4. I think I love your fabric pull for Casey's quilt as much as I love the one you are making your daughter. Those prints will look fantastic in that pattern. I am glad to see that Home to Roost is finally home to roost :) I don't think Kate could have made you a more perfect quilt.

  5. Your post is chuck-a-lucka full of goodness today! I simply adore Kate's mini! It's perfect for you! Idaho is one state I haven't been to....yet! It looks beautiful, but bet it's cold in the winter! I should talk, as I look out my window to see two inches of snow already and it's coming down hard and fast! Have lots of fun! XO, karen

    1. Chuck-a-lucka is such a great phrase, and I agree totally about all the goodness! I love those traditional fabrics, too, but have almost none in my stash. Sigh.

  6. Hah! I just read your post from yesterday, as Saturday was chock full of quilty goodness in Cynthia's class. So good to meet you! Your new quilt projects will be great!

  7. It was so great to meet you on Saturday. The blocks you made were beautiful! Thanks for traveling so we could meet :)

  8. You are having lots of fun Janice, love your new mini quilt and your house progress looks awesome.


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