Thursday, April 6, 2017

Call for Help! and OMG for April

It is scary how much alike Kate (Smiles From Kate) and I are.  Here is yet another example.  We link up for a OMG or the 2017 quarterly FAL, post our goals and then forget to post our results.  Well not this time!   This time we're really going to do it.  Right Kate?

My OMG (One Monthly Goal) for April is:

Finish sewing, baste, quilt, and bind my daughter's dorm quilt:

I have three Stash Bee blocks to make.

And I'd like to finish quilting my mom's quilt.

Speaking of Stash Bee's.  I need help!  It seems gray (and in particular light gray) is a very popular color this year and it is something I have ZERO of in my stash.  I have even searched in my favorite online shops and am having trouble finding enough gray prints in one place to do a decent job on the request block.   Is there anyone out there that likes gray and has an abundance already gathered that you would be willing to swap with me or sell to me?  Or .  . . if you can point me to a great online shop that has a nice selection.  That works too!

Here are examples of what kind of gray has been requested.  Mostly light gray and white:

These medium grays in moderation.

Please contact me at janice (at) if you can help!  I am willing to either swap or outright buy them from you.  I only need 6 inch square pieces.  If I had unlimited time, I'd just visit all my local quilt shops but I don't so I'm hoping someone will rescue me!

Here's to meeting goals!
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  1. I thought it was just me and gray fabric but it seems that color is in short supply. At least I never find it thrifted. I am gathering the gray fabric to do a bear paw bed quilt all with gray background inspired by I believe Crazy Mom Quilts.

  2. Grey fabric is winging it's way across the Atlantic along with your mini. I'm not sure it will all be light enough for you but two will definitely fit the bill. I have a mental note of what is to be done so prepare to be nagged into submission.

  3. I am not sure if I have anything that will help. I will check when I get home. I seem to lack any kind of low volume selections in my stash. Grey and Off-white particularly.
    Your goals for the month seem perfectly do-able! Good Luck!

  4. Those pale grays are definitely in short supply! My niece asked for a yellow and gray baby quilt and I really struggled with it. I wish I could help :( Now blues and oranges, like your daughter's quilt, I have in abundance!! I know, not helpful. Sigh.

  5. I have some grays, but not that light. It's a color I don't use much. Hope you find what you need.

  6. Grays are very popular! I only have 1 LQS within a 60 mile radius, so I don't have many either. Good luck!

  7. Unfortunately, I have not been collecting many grays. It seems that I should have now that everyone seems to be using it. I'm following your answers in the hopes that I can steal a lead to some pretty grays. :)

  8. You might try Connecting Threads...they have some grey prints and I like their grey semi solid..

  9. I have a few. Send me your address, and I'll pop them into the mail! XO, karen


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