Saturday, April 29, 2017

Quilts for Ashley, Cacey, and Kenzi

So as you know, I am making quilts for three beautiful young ladies.   My senior daughter, Ashley, my niece Cacey (she's getting married), and one of Ashley's best friends who is also graduating this year, Kenzi.

If you've been following me for a while you've already seen Ashley's finished flimsy.  I just need to trim the edges, baste and quilt it.

She wants minky on the back.  So minky it is!  I couldn't find any periwnkle or coral so we went with gray.  I just bought that a few days ago so now I can proceed with basting.

It will look nice thrown across this comforter we found for her dorm room.  It's reversible coral on one side and gray on the other.

Next up is Cacey's quilt.  I will be using the exact same pattern as Ashley's quilt but with different fabric for her.   Thank goodness she likes this pattern because it goes together quickly.   Here's what I have so far . . . but I'm not in love with this layout.  I laid all the coral one way and all the turquoise the other direction.

Here is layout #2 with a more random arrangement of colors.

Which do you like best?  Layout 1 or Layout 2?

And last is Kenzi's quilt!  Thank goodness Kenzi also wants a very simple to make pattern.  Here is the picture she sent me showing the pattern she wants.
I think I can handle this!  This one is a baby sized quilt and she wants a lap size so I will have to piece the strips together to make it wide enough for a decent size lap quilt.  Kenzi went shopping and brought me these fabrics to make her quilt and even told me the order she wanted her fabrics.  I LOVE getting specific instructions!   The white with pink polka dots is for the binding.

OK, time for a building update!  Last weekend I was gone to a quilting class and this is what was done while I was gone . . . the floor and one wall.

Then on Monday, THIS happened.   See those two large windows side by side?  Those are the front room picture windows.

Here is the view from the inside looking out those windows.  They are huge!

The framing would probably be all done this weekend but we found out that the framers can't get a crane for placing the trusses until Monday.  Booo!   The construction market around here is going crazy!

Well, that's the latest.  I've got my work cut out for me!  Where in the world did that phrase come from anyway?  Who actually has their work cut FOR them?  That would be great!

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  1. Such fun fabrics and a great pattern you are working with!

  2. Janice, these are wonderful projects. I especially like the fabrics and the woven pattern!

  3. Those windows will let in a glorious amount of light. Love it.
    Wonderful color and pattern choices for your next projects. They should go together quickly and be beautiful!

  4. You have some lovely fabrics to work with, I really like the woven pattern of Ashley's quilt, it's very effective.
    It's great to see your house being built, the construction is so much different to here in the UK. The views are lovely from those wonderful big windows, they will make the room so light and airy.

  5. That's a lot of progress on your house! You must be so pleased! You quilts are all three going to be much loved! I prefer layout #2! Three lucky girls!

  6. I prefer layout 2 and love the chosen colours. Your house building is very interesting to watch and you must feel great seeing it all coming together :)

  7. I guess a quilt kit might have your work cut out for you? I don't know, I've never bought one! I would sew Casey's quilt using the first layout with each color going its own direction, but I'm sort of a bit too rigid that way. Probably the second one is more organic and better! And Kenzi's fabric pull is wonderful! That's going to be a beauty, for sure :)

  8. I LOVE the colors you are using in Casey's quilt. I think I like #2 best.

    The progress is so much fun to watch. That is a great view.

  9. I like layout #2 best. They will all be wonderful quilts. And my goodness, what great progress on the house. It's actually beginning to look like a house. Before you know it, it will be inhabitable :)

  10. Beautiful quilts! I like layout 2 the best as well.

  11. Your quilts are wonderful. Just a glance at the comments and I think #2 is winning. It's my favorite, too.
    Those windows are huge, but you need big windows when you have stunning scenery. (At least, that's what I told myself 25 years ago when we were building.) I love that big wide-open'll never get tired of seeing that!

  12. Oh you got conned into the graduation sewing thing too? As much as I hate sewing to deadlines, the graduation quilts have been a fun project. I like your second layout for Cacey's quilt. Hopefully you've been able to make lots of progress on all three projects are are nearing completion.


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