Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Flimsy Finish!

Building update!  The foundation has been poured and the forms already stripped.  This happened on Monday!  Looking good!

Never fear, I actually do have quilty things to show you this time.

My mom  attended a rummage sale and bought three pieces of fabric for me!  
Love, you mom!  

One is 3 yards of cheater fabric good for backing or just using to make a small quilt and practice some quilting on it.

One is 5 yards of a floral knit fabric.  Not sure what to do with this.  Ideas??

And last but not least two yards of this LARGE floral cotton print.  I love this!  These flowers are huge!

I'm still not very good at estimating how long it will take me to do something.  I was hoping to get Ashley's quilt quilted this month but I don't know if I'll make it.    So for the moment, I am happy to announce I've at least got the top done!   Here it is:

This particular flimsy will require a trimming of the zig zag edges before I baste and quilt.  Hmm, let's try a cropped picture to get a better idea.

This quilt will measure 60 x 68.  I am tempted to add on a border using the dark navy with coral flowers.  If I had this to do over again, I would use darker colors in place of the fabrics that are kind of low volume.  Ashley does like it the way it is, but I think the high contrast of white and darker values together is more striking.

One of my favorite parts of reading your comments is hearing your ideas on how you would do something.  Sometimes you have ideas I would never have thought about.  So please, feel free to share you thoughts with me on these two questions:

How would you quilt Ashley's quilt?
What would you do with that 5 yards of knit fabric?

I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. So much going on Janice. Ashley's quilt has turned out lovely, more to the point she loves it. I think I would straight line quilt it following the ribbon strips. It would be a lot of starting and stopping though, or you could do the same with the serpentine stitch. You could quilt some motifs in the background squares too. I don't know what I would do with the fabric though. The cheater fabric I would make a quilt out of, it would be lovely for a quillow and great to practice your lovely quilting on. The large floral fabric is just up your street, I can see how you love it. Best of all progress on the house. Closer to your forever home. Love seeing the progress.

  2. I love how Ashley's quilt is coming together! I would do an allover design. Since there are flowers how about a floral design. Just depends on how much time you want to spend on it. You don't have basements in houses in ID-always interesting who does and who doesn't?

  3. House progress...WOOT! Won't be long till you see some walls or at least some framing. I am in love with Ashley's quilt. This is a great one because, it would look stellar in just a simple edge to edge something, but would also be stunning in a good ol' custom quilting. It would also be a great quilt for practicing ruler work.

  4. That house is coming along so quickly! Nice!
    I think your idea of the darker border would balance that quilt out nicely. I was thinking a cross-hatch quilt to echo the strips for the quilting. Or some large flowery designs would work to soften it up a bit. I have no idea about the knit fabric, I actually have 2 large pieces I bought long ago before I realized that I have no idea how to sew with knits. :) My intention with them was a maxi skirt or pajama pants.

  5. I would love to buy the knit fabric from you! I have been looking for some to make a dress for Ava.

  6. Construction - my favorite! New house? Lucky you!
    Ashley's top is really pretty, and would look lovely with a happy floral panto on it.
    And as for the floral knit, how about a t-shirt dress?
    Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers!

  7. A sundress. Long and loose fitting. And/Or a kimono style jacket/top? You have a lot of fabric to work with.

  8. You could make crib sheets with that knit. Don't have a baby to give it to? Save it for a rainy day.

  9. Yay, good progress on the house site! I really like the idea of the darker blue for a border for Ashley's quilt. Since you're feeling like you wanted more darker prints in the top, the border will give that to you. The border print sort of sets the whole color scheme. Coral border will make the whole thing "coral" and blue border will make it all read "blue."

    With those nice wide ribbon stripes, I would probably do a different FMQ motif in each different fabric. They don't have to be fancy, just a little variety. Stipples big and small, cross hatch, wavy lines, etc. You could even let the fabric tell you the motif: pebbles in the circles, wavy lines in the wavy fabric, perhaps! And since all the background white pieces are squares, a simple single pattern in each of those.

    However, I'm also fond of walking foot quilting, and this design would look great with a line of stitching parallel and on either side of each of those long diagonal seams. That would be fast, but I suspect it wouldn't feel "special" enough to you for Ashley's quilt!

    Knit fabric is outside my experience, but I like the idea of a soft summer dress if you do garment sewing. Unfortunately, all my clothing sewing experiences ended with tears of frustration back in junior high school!!

  10. I like a lot of contrast, but sometimes the lower contrast is more soothing. If your girl likes it then it's just right. I'd probably ask for an all over pattern with loopy daisy like flowers, that seems to go with the feel of the quilt.

    I've not sewn with knits since clothing construction class in college (to meet my home ec requirement). I've seen some cute pajamas made from knits recently over at Patchwork Times.

  11. I have some of that cheater fabric and put it on the back of a throw quilt. Knit fabric--I like the idea of a t-shirt dress. There's a new pattern out there called the coffee shop dress by sew caroline. But the idea of knit crib sheets sounds like a good one, too!

  12. I like your quilt for Ashley and would probably gear the quilting design on the type of personality of the recipient. Flowers or daisies if she likes flowers or straight line, more modern quilting if she is a minimalist type person. Either would look nice.

  13. Firstly, the quilt is just gorgeous. Love the colors. And I am glad you asked about the knit fabric. I have a large amount inherited from my mom's stash. She had it stored with a pattern for a slim dress. It was purchased in Hawaii. I think I will try to make a sundress this summer. Since I am slimmer this summer than I have been in a long time, maybe a new dress for a treat for myself. :)


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