Saturday, March 11, 2017

What Next?

Now that my blog hop mini is done (see yesterday's post for links to all the fun creations!) I am looking forward to making progress on some of my other projects.  Do you want to see one of rejects for the blog hop mini quilt?  All of my quilts seem to lean toward the more traditional side so I was trying really hard to do something more modern but my attempt didn't quite do it for me.  Well, now I have a funky little 4 1/2" block that will probably go into some kind of orphan block quilt.

Here is something else that I am experimenting with!  Have you ever visited the website  Amy at AmyScrapSpot told me about it.  She was all excited to start designing her own fabrics and ordered a bunch of swatches (pretty cheap to do that too!) with her designs.  You can design your own fabrics and offer them for sale if you desire.  I wish her great success with that but that's not for me.   I did think it would be fun to make a bag with my blog logo on it though.  So I ordered a swatch to see how it would come out.  Here it is:

The colors look great!  The fabric is kind of thin though so I might try it on a different kind of fabric.  What a great conversation starter that would be!

Quilting opens up all kinds conversations so easily doesn't it?  Friday, I was sewing like mad to get my mini quilts done in time for the blog hop so I took them with me to work on at while I was at my daughter's track meet.  Another track mom asked me what I was making and we spent the rest of the meet talking about quilting and all kinds of stuff.  Hi Donetta!!  It was nice to meet you!

 A little while ago I bought a few fabrics just to try and make my stash a bit more modern and my daughter fell in love with those fabrics so I'm working on a quilt for her.  Here are the fabrics I got:

Here is the pattern I will be using to make this quilt:

And here is the progress I have made so far.  

I hope I can figure out where I left off on the pattern!  Yikes!

Here's an interesting blast from the past.  Long ago when my oldest son was 6, Pokemon was all the rage so I bought some Pokemon fabric.  I never did make anything with it.  Now it's probably collectable!  this piece is from 1998.  I'll probably hang onto it just in case any grandsons come along.  I can't believe it, but Pokemon is still around!

I attended a concert of the Boise Philharmonic with my daughter and a few other ladies from work last night.  Those musicians are incredible!  And yes, you guessed it, I was sewing on binding during intermission.  I think I have a problem.   Sort of.  But not really.  :D

Kate,  my dear accountability partner, here is my list of projects that I need to be working on this month.  Keep me on track!

1.  Three Bee blocks to make for March
2.  I got mom's patchwork quilt sandwich basted and now I need to quilt it.
3.  Finish Meadowmist Mystery Quilt.  Here are the fabrics I picked and a few shots of blocks made along the way.  I still have to do the last months' clues and then sew all the blocks together.

So I've got my work cut out for me this month!


  1. That's a lovely swatch, I can just imagine it in a heavier fabric and used in a tote, nice. That's a lovely mother and daughter pic, and it's nice to see an up to date one too, sewing during the interval was the price you needed to pay to go to the concert, or stay up extremely late to finish everything up. I am so pleased to see that list, now I need to know what to hassle you about :-)

  2. Beautiful fabric, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Chop chop-you have no time to waste girl!!! So you were shopping at Jo Ann's were you(mystery quilt)?
    And I love those fabrics for you daughters quilt!!

  4. It is hard to find Pokémon fabric so hang on to it! My grandson loves Pokémon and I made him one after tracking down the elusive fabric. Have a great week!

  5. Looks like you have some fun projects lined up. Your logo on the fabric is super cool. You should really make a tote bag or something with it. And I just love those fabrics for your daughter's quilt! Very pretty!

  6. I agree with Jen your projects look so fun! And your logo would be a neat tote bag! But you know what I loved best - the picture of you and your special! Visiting you from The Creative Side's Sharing Sunday!

  7. So sorry that I missed the Mini Blog Hop. I may make the quilt anyway. Your quilting projects all look so good :)

  8. How cool that you have blog logo fabric! Those would make good quilt labels, too, wouldn't they? Hmm, food for thought.

    I love that criss crossing ribbons pattern. It's going to look fantastic in your new fabrics :)

  9. That last project is the same color as your name logo - I'll bet that's one of your fabric color combos? You do have a bunch of projects lined up, but it's all good!

  10. What a great swatch you got from Spoonflower - funny that it was Amy who got you onto it because I have just learnt that Amy is in my blog critique group on the 2017NQB group! You've been so busy and have lovely projects on the go - it's been fun watching your progress mo IG too.

  11. Well I really like your little 4-inch reject block! That would make a real cute little zip pouch. Just make the other side out of a different fabric. It would probably turn out just the right size to carry gift cards or reward cards around in your purse. Or just a little change purse.

  12. Your logo fabric would make a nice bag. I've looked at Spoonflower, until I found I could print the center panel of the 1st Amendment quilt, I was afraid that was my only option. Love the Pokeman fabric. My 18 year old would swoon over it. She still plays that games on her DS (as do several of her friends).


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