Saturday, March 25, 2017

What I'm Working On

My main goal this weekend was to get my Bee blocks completed.  I joined three bees this year and maybe that was a bit much, but I am still enjoying them.  This week, Lori in Hive 6 of the Stash Bee requested blocks she will be using for a quilt she is making for her father.  He has Alzheimers and will be moving into a long term care facility.

Lori requested a fun block with simple novelty fabrics in the center with sports-related, animals, foods, anything a man might like.  So here are the two blocks I will be sending for Lori:

This one cracks me up.  Blue eyed pigs, lambs, and horses?  Hmm!

One of the bee blocks I am supposed to make this month had very specific requests.  Here is the block she wants us to make:
She wants four different monochromatic gray fabrics with green and orange accents.  I could only find three out of my entire stash!  I ended up having to use black and white for one of the fabrics.  This is what I was planning on using:
My BQF, (best quilty friend) Robin, to the rescue!  We're going to swap fabrics tomorrow at church.  She has lots of grays as a result of a recent grandbaby quilt where gray was one of the requested colors.   

UPDATE:  Here is the block I ended up making:

Last month, one of the Queen Bees of a bee I belong to wanted a magical forest full of trees and I made one and sent it but she did not receive her block!  Pooey!  I worked really hard on that one and I even mailed it on time but who knows where it is.  I told her I would make her another one so here is what I have so far. I'm excited to see what her forest ends up looking like!

I am also making good progress on the quilt for my daughter's dorm room.  She will be a freshman this fall.  I have two long seams left to sew and the flimsy is done!   I hope to show you the whole thing in a few days. I love the colors she picked!

And now for a confession.  I have been trying really hard not to buy any new fabric unless I absolutely did not have it in my current stash.  I was doing pretty good too.   This weekend, I fell off the wagon HARD!  I bought a whole kit.  I have a problem.  I admit it.  I could not resist.  It's summer and camping season!  My kit has red background on the borders instead of blue.  Red is my favorite!

So what are you working on?  I'd love to hear from you and hear all about your projects!  

Hey Lisa P!  When are we going to get together?  I know you have an unfinished quilt top you want to finish and I would love to show you how!

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  1. I love your bee blocks and those little trailers in the kit. How big does the grey block finish and I sure wish I could find that missing tree block. I am.making a birds quilt that a version of that would be perfect on. Are these patterns for sale anywhere? What did we do for inspiration before the internet was around?

  2. Oh I LOVE that camping Quilt!!! Did you get it at Sleepy Hollow? You have become very hard to keep up with my friend!!

  3. I love those retro campers that have been popping up everywhere. They are so cute!
    That's too bad your block seems to have been lost. :( I have tried to remember to put an extra note with the address inside the plastic wrap with my blocks. I don't remember who gave that tip, but it is good if the package is damaged.

  4. Super cute! Thank you for sharing!

  5. You're working on some fun things, Janice! I love that camping fabric so much :) I completely understand why you HAD to have it. I realized this week that my stash of yellows, reds and greens were really getting skimpy and have some on order. Just basic necessities, you know.

    I finished up a small top with all 3 dimensional blocks and am going to write that up tomorrow. It was so fun to piece that I want to do another one!

  6. I rolled my eyes when you said 3 bees! I struggled with one last year, and decided maybe that wasn't my thing. But I did appreciate the animal blocks for a Dad quilt, and I know you won't be the only one to admire those blue eyed animals looking up at her. Last of all, swapping special fabrics with a friend is brilliant! It's not something we always think of, but one friend and I do. Since it's never a lot of fabric the other needs we just tell them to take the piece and use as needed, but return the leftover. Neither of us even knows how much was taken. It's like doubling your stash.

  7. Lots of fun stuff going on in your sewing room. The blue eyed farm animals are really cute and I love your fairy tale tree. Sometimes you just have to refresh the stash. I'm finding there is a need for a bit of the new in order to use up more of the old.

  8. Hi Janice
    I cant blame you buying that kit, its gorgeous. I look foreward to your seeing your progress, your blocks are lovely to.

  9. I absolutely love the fabrics in your daughter's quilt. I think I almost bought some of the dark blue with the flowers a few weeks ago...that picture really makes me wish I had. You had to buy that Quilt Camp kit...I'm pretty sure it would have been a crime to have left it at the store :)

  10. All your Bee blocks are fantastic! That's a shame one was lost in the mail. Grrrr. I can't fault you at all for buying that kit - it will be such a fun quilt!

  11. I admire you for keeping up with three bees Janice, two is too many for me this year. You chose some lovely fabrics for Quilt Camp, but get your Mom's quilt finished first! Is there appliqué on the flower block?

  12. Love that Quilt Camp pattern! My daughter's family enjoy going camping every summer! Cute!


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