Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Miniature Quilt Swap & Lynda's Quilt

To my fellow quilt fiends who like modern quilts, I apologize but this particular post is all about traditional and vintage quilts so you may want to skip this one.  I follow a blog called Humble Quilts by Lori Dejarnatt.  Once a year she organizes a miniature quilt swap.  I have participated in this twice and am going to do it again this year (at least if I signed up in time).  I haven't heard yet.   Regardless, I am going to make a mini quilt anyway.  I have scraps I need to use up!  This quilt swap is always supposed to be made using fabrics that resemble vintage fabrics from the past (Civil War era or early 1900's).

I have picked the design I want to make and here is the beginning.  I am cutting out a bunch of 1 x 2 inch scraps.  And yes, I know some of you are already thinking I'm out of my mind.  Well, I'm not making a human sized quilt, just a small one.  Doll size!    Here is the first step.

The next step is to sew these little pieces into groups of three as follows.  

I need 30 of these.   Hmm.  Not sure why this picture looks so washed out.  The colors are much deeper than this is showing.  OK, that step is done and here are my 30 little blocks.

Here are a few of my favorites.  As you can see my cutting isn't the most accurate.  
I think I need to get glasses.  

Stay tuned for the next step!  

In the meantime, I have a fun project to share that I am also working on.  After my last post showing my log cabin quilt, I was contacted by a fellow co-worker (and former college classmate) Lynda, who asked me if I would be interested in finishing a quilt that was all done except the binding.  She said her mother made it for her high school graduation (1979) and it never got finished.  She brought it to me and even still has the original fabrics and scraps from her mom!  I'm going to enjoy getting this quilt to the finish line!

Here is sneak peak of the bag Lynda brought to me.  This view is only showing you the back.  I will show you Lynda's quilt next time!  So you have to come back and visit to see it.

Cute story about this quilt.  I was walking to my car carrying this bag which has a bunch of yellow showing on the top.  I work at a university and as I was walking, a young man ran up to me and asked me if I needed help carrying that.  All he could see was the yellow and he thought I had big bag full of corn which he knew was not light!  Wasn't that sweet?  He's one of my favorites.  Somebody needs to snap this fellow up!

 Lynda's quilt measures 93" x 102" which means I need to make at least 390 inches of binding. It is made up of very brightly colored calicos in blues, yellows and greens.  I'm not usually a green lover but I really like this green calico.

Here is a closeup of what each block looks like.  Next time I'll show you a picture of the whole quilt

And here are all the scraps pressed and ready to be cut into a scrappy binding.  There is a LOT of fabric here so I will not have any trouble making all the binding I need.  There will be plenty left over for pillows or pillow cases if Lynda wants.

OK, that is as far as I have gone so far.  Next step cutting up strips for binding.  If you enjoy seeing what I am up to and would like to get an e-mail notice when I've posted an update, you can sign up with Follow It over on the right side of my blog.

Next time I'll share the results of the voting about which layout my next quilt quit will be.  I'm going to go with your votes!

Thanks for visiting and come again!


  1. Try cutting your little strips a bit longer, then you can cut them down before you stitch them together, although it won’t help with the width! That’s a big quilt you volunteered to finish, I’ll look forward to seeing it in all it’s glory.

  2. Cannot wait to see the finished quilt. ;-) Your lil quilt will be precious. Janice


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