Monday, April 10, 2023


Completely by accident, my blog post has several things pertaining to the 1970's today.  

On my last blog post, I mentioned that I found a lady selling a lot of her fabric.   . .

She had TONS of it.  Much of it was from the 1970's.  

Now I was not a big fan of that era. orange, gold and avocado?  UGH!!!  

But there is something that draws me to designs that are identifiably from a certain age..

  Even if it's ugly.  Like these.  And some of this is undeniably ugly.  What was I thinking?  

See what I mean?  

But in spite of that, I used some of this fabric today to make a 1970's house!  It's for a quilt along being hosted by Sandra at Mmm Quilts!  I already have a huge collection of these house blocks and should just sew them together already!  But what do I do?  Start making more.  It's some kind of compulsive disorder.   Here is my 1970's house.

The other 1970's thing was a random squirrel that is completely out of the norm for me but I was inspired to make it when a fellow  employee jokingly said I could whip out a quilt over the weekend for one of our co-workers who was having a birthday.  She loves Star Wars.  So I didn't make a quilt but I did make this block!  It has a ridiculous number of pieces in it.  For those of you who aren't familiar, this is R2D2, a robot character who plays an important role in the Star Wars movies.

I've only used the paper piecing technique a few times in my life and I never felt like I really knew what I was doing, but this time I persevered and finally got the hang of it about half way through.  There are so many mistakes in it.  Even so, it does look like what it is supposed to look like!  I need to try something else using this technique before I forget things that I learned to make it work better.

I'm about halfway through putting the binding on Lynda's quilt so I hope to have a finish to show you next time around. 

I finished the 30 little blocks for my Civil War swap  mini quilt swap that look like this .  

These have to be trimmed to 2 5/8 inches so they will look like this.  Once they are sewn together it will make better sense about what the pattern is supposed to look like.

I have more to talk about but will save that for another day!  Hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Day!


  1. It appears a lot of the 70's style and fabrics are coming back S-:

  2. Oh yeah, I remember those fabrics from the 70s. My mom made a lot of our clothes, so I remember a few outfits with those wild fabrics. You made good use of those in your 70's house block. Enjoy your stitching time this week, you've got some fun stuff to work on.

  3. I think those prints and colors are coming back again!?! That sure looks like a million tiny pieces in your R2D2! Great job persevering until it flows!

  4. I’ve been watching your Instagram from time to time for a house and suddenly thought today, hmm, wonder if she’s posted anything on her blog? And voilĂ ! ‘That 70s House’ ;-) perfect for the gang to uh do some ‘soul-searching’ in Kitty and Red’s basement! I love this and will share it on Instagram and my blog! So happy you’re joining in!

  5. Some of those 70's prints are cool! This commenting is frustrating!


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