Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Yes, we had a little of all of those this week!     I'll share one of the good things first.  I have only two logs left on each of these last 20 blocks and I'll be done with my king size quilt!  SO EXCITED!!

So the verdict is in on whether or not I like the pounce pad chalk method for marking this quilt for quilting.

I do NOT!  I'll label this the "bad" part of my post   First it takes too much pounding of the chalk pad to keep the pad filled with chalk.  Second, it is messy!  Third, even when I only did one row at a time (I'm doing the Baptist Fan pattern) it rubbed off too easy and I couldn't see my lines very well in some places even though I knew they were all clearly there when I finished my "pouncing".   Fourth, the lines, were too thick so it was harder to sew a straight line.   It didn't take me long at all to abandon that method and switch gears.

I ran to Joanne's and bought both the Fons and Porter white pencil marker (for the dark borders) and a Dritz Mark B Gone blue marker for the light fabrics.   I've used the white marker before and was happy with it and Karen at Quilts, Etc. uses the blue marker a lot in her hand quilting and she has never had a problem with it not coming out of her quilt.  She said the key was to make sure you either spritzed it with water after quilting, or washed the quilt right away.  I am going to do both!

I already have the stencil so just switching the marking method was all I needed.  So glad I did!  The lines are so much more crisp.

I started quilting and was having a horrible time with wobbly lines.  This is the "ugly" part of my post.   So awful!  I was so disappointed, I just about decided to rip it all out and start over.  But I decided to keep going.

Things started going more smoothly and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.  Still not perfect, but a lot better than it was with not so many wobbles.  This is how it looks on the back side.

I have done about three rows of the Baptist Fan pattern and in spite of quite a few wobbles the overall look of the texture is what you see first so even with all the oopsies, I think it will be ok.  I'm going for it!

While I was at Joanne's today picking up those marking tools, I had to check out the flannel section to find a back for this quilt.
The front shows what is on top of the water and the back shows what is under the water.  Love these cute polka dot whales!

Here is what I've done so far for the March RSC.  Not much.

A star block . . .

and a Scrappy Trip Around the World block, only one so far . . .

As I shared recently,  I have developed an interest in learning about vintage fabrics and how to be able to date quilts and fabrics. 
In the Heart of Pennsylvania by Jeannette Lasansky, I learned that before there was printed fabric, women actually stitched or embroidered the design on entire chairs!  Although there were no guilds in America, an Embroiderer's Guild flourished in London from its founding in 1561.  Pieces were brought to the Guild Hall for appraisal, but if they did not meet the Guild's high standards they were slashed!   Can you imagine that?  I'll bet there was some really gorgeous pieces that were needlessly ruined just because it was deemed inferior.  Hours and hours of someone's heart and soul put into a project only to see it slashed.   I'm going to place this squarely in the BAD category of this post.  That just seems heartless to me.

Here is my progress on my Civil War Block of the Month project.  Here is block #14 and #15.

Well, that's it for today.  Just a reminder that we are still accepting entries for the Blog Hop starting on May 6 as a way to honor Paula Budinger (Paula B Quilts) who recently passed away.   So far we have quilters signed up from 11 different states (with a few duplicates) and the UK!  To read about the details, please read this post.  There will be prizes!   We would love to have a lot of participation so even if you did not know Paula, please join us!  Even if you are unable to join us, we'd love it if you would mention this blog hop in a future post and get the word out.  Just grab this button and link back to the post I referenced above.  Thanks so much!

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  1. I think your quilting looks great. Keep going! It about makes me cry yo think of slashing someone’s hard work! How horrifying!

  2. I’m so happy you are nearly there! I’ve never used a pounce pad, I won’t bother now, thanks for that. I think your Baptist Fan stitching looks great, the thing I have discovered about quilting is no one notices the little mistakes, they look at the overall effect, this is especially true when it’s washed. Your blocks are looking great, and I still haven’t started the RSC! Good, bad or indifferent, your posts are always worth waiting for:-)

  3. Nice progress in TEAL for the RSC, Janice! About the quilting, try to remember that the stitches sink into the quilt after washing. Wobbles won't be nearly as noticable!

  4. Your quilting looks good. Sorry to hear the pounce pad didn't work. Sorry to hear about Paula. I'll have to go read about the blog hop.

  5. I'm so glad you pushed past a few wobbles! Your quilting looks super and you're right, it's all about that texture. No one looks at individual lines of stitching except the quilter herself. And even then, you do it while you're sewing that line, and then never look again. Seriously, try to find your wobbles after you're finished and you'll be happily surprised that they have all disappeared :)

  6. Love the log cabins! Your quilting looks great to me, and yes the overall effect is what matters. Is it free motion quilting? The over and under the water quilt is so cute! I haven't even started on my RSC blocks - yours are pretty. And I LOVE the Civil War blocks.

  7. Hi Janice! I think your Baptist Fans looks fabulous. You are being WAY too critical of your stitching. Not one other single person is going to look at it that closely. They overall design is just perfect-o for the log cabin blocks. I'm sorry you didn't like the Pounce pad. Were you using white chalk? Just curious. I had great success with it, marking a border around a baby quilt. But then when I purchased my own instead of borrowing a friend's, I still don't have it primed enough. I had more chalk on myself than the quilt! Cute fabric for the backing - great idea for above and below the water. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Those whales!!!! SO cute! I also have a pounce and almost never use it for the same reasons you listed not liking it. Your fans look fantastic, though!!! (Pun not intended but kept in once I noticed it :) )

  9. Thank you so much for your info (negative) about the pounce. I have at least one in my stored stash that I have never used. Love your quilt even with the wobbles.

  10. The baptist fan is a great choice for that quilt! One thing I was told early on - drop your shoulders and relax - if that doesn't work try a glass of wine, and then it relaxes your shoulders enough that things get easy and smoother.... The backing of your next quilt looks qute!!


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