Saturday, March 21, 2020

My First 2020 Finish!

She's not very big at all, but it IS a finish! These are so few and far between for me that I celebrate every single one.  YAHOO!!  She's done!  This is my log cabin baby quilt with that Little House on the Prairie vibe.   What color did I choose for the binding?  GOLD!  Or is it cheddar?

All of your suggestions were so good! Any one of them would have worked.  I ended up going with a high contrast (thanks Kate) or maybe it's more medium contrast binding and I believe Carol made the suggestion about the gold.  Janine Marie reminded me about the concept of auditioning (on Instagram).  DUH!  I auditioned dozens and dozens of fabrics.  I wanted something that looked good with both the front and the back and it was harder than I thought it would be!  Remember this back?

This view is kind of "blah" but I just love looking at all those comfy browns up close. 

 I don't know what it is about brown that makes me think of homemade cozy quilts but it does.

I used this fabric every other block on the back . . .

And this fabric in the border . . . 

I don't know why I didn't see this sooner but the one color they both had in common was gold!

Auditioning . . .

Yep!  That's the winner.  I know the gold is a little brighter than the golds in the quilt but it's the closest I had.  I actually had to piece together quite a few strips because I only had this fabric in fat quarters.  Another fabric used from my auction purchase last summer!

There were even a few logs in the neutral part of the quilt that had gold in them.

One more gratuitous glamour shot.  

Ahhh!  So happy with this. 

Do you want to hear something CRAZY?  My son and his beautiful wife have three adorable little girls but they really want to add a boy to their family, and not just one boy but twin boys!   Their youngest girl isn't even a year old yet and they are talking about wanting twins! More power to 'em if they've got the energy. I personally think they are nuts!   The funny thing is that it is entirely possible.  I have twin uncles on my dad's side of the family and my DIL says they have twins in her family line too.  Hmm!  Here's hoping they get their boy and if they do,  I'm hanging onto this quilt to give to my DIL for her first baby boy and I have enough of all these fabrics to make another one . . . just in case!

As you may or may not know, I work at a local University and this week we got the word that the campus is closing down.  All classes will be held online and everyone who can, will be doing their job from home.  That includes me.    So not only is my former quilt room now an office for my husband but for me as well.  Isn't this lovely? LOL!

I now do my piecing and (rarely) quilting in a corner of our bedroom.

Quick message to QuiltGranma.  You are a no-reply commenter so I have been unable to reply to your sweet comments.  You definitely sound like a kindred spirit!  Please shoot me an e-mail so I'll have your address and can respond to you.  janice (at)  Actually, that goes for any of you that want to chat about quilting.  I'm game!

On a completely unrelated subject, my husband has decided to become a bee keeper!  Random!  This will be interesting.  The bees arrive in April.  Do any of you know anything about bee keeping?  Tips for us?  He's reading up on it and preparing the bee boxes.  ANOTHER interesting adventure!

Stay healthy everybody!

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  1. I love it Janice! I love scrappy anyway. I'm cutting out fabrics for Gudruns Quarantine quilt along tomorrow. Using up 30 fat quarters of patriotic fabrics. They needed to go.

  2. Cheddar! Perfect. I knew you would find something just right.

  3. What a delightful post to read first thing in the morning with my coffee! I’ve been out of the loop this past week, so must catch up. Adore this latest finish, Janice! My daughter works for a college system and has been working from home all week. She loves it! My cousin became a beekeeper last year and she said there’s a lot to learn and some essential equipment to buy, but she’s really enjoying it. Tell hubby good luck with his new adventure!

  4. The gold/cheddar is an excellent binding choice, Janice! This is a beautiful quilt, so cozy and cuddly. Hooray for a wonderful finish!! :)

  5. I love all the brown prints and not a single one is dull! It is gorgeous and cozy, and I love your gold choice for binding. Fingers crossed you get to give it to your DIL. ;)
    Beekeeping sounds so interesting and with the obvious honey benefit. You must have some acreage? If you end up with honey put it in your Etsy shop and I will buy it - yes! :)

  6. What a great finish for this quilt! The golf binding really works. Have fun working at home, and enjoy your new bee endeavor. I have friends in Texas who has done that, and it's quite a learning experience.

  7. Celebrating your finish with you 😉 it will make as great boy quilt. I love the quilt on the wall above your sewing machine!

  8. That is a lovely quilt, Janice! It definitely does look cozy and warm with all the browns. I love the binding, too - a perfect frame for it. I'm never sure if it's cheddar or not, but I sure like the look of that color!

  9. Love the gold binding, Janice! Perfect choice! Twin boys--if that's what they want, I hope they get it! My husband hoped for twins when I was pregnant (we wanted 2 kids and he figured all at once was best) and I told him to hold his tongue!!! But that's the thing with kids--you can't predict! I have nothing to add on the bees other than that sounds cool!

  10. If she has twins are you gonna make an identical quilt? Or just cut this one in half for both? Those are the only two options. Just kidding. The quilt looks great mom!

  11. Love the painting on your wall, is it a print or perhaps do you have talent there as well and painted it? What a beautiful subtle log cabin, and the finish is lovely, great choice with the gold. Enjoy your stay-cation and get to know hubby better. and Don't fight! hehehe!

  12. The log cabin quilt turned out fabulous! The gold binding was the perfect finishing touch! I am working from home too. I have a space set up in the guest bedroom and so far it is working out fine.

  13. Perfect choice for the binding. So comfy and warm looking!

  14. Great finish!!! The binding is just perfect for it!

  15. Congrats on a gorgeous finish! Every one counts no matter how small. The working from home stuff isn't as easy as you'd think, especially when there is more than one of you doing it. Good luck!

  16. LOVE the neutrals quilt! I was drawn to it because I am doing the Unity QA with Bonnie Hunter in all neutrals. I need to remember that brown border with the cheddar binding. It's perfect for it!!! As for your office now being in the quilt room, my husband is saying that stay at home orders is what retirement could look like. LOL. He's usually right.

    Bees! I have tried bees a couple years in a row. Friends extract bees from houses for people and didn't have a place to put them. They knew I had enough property and brought a bee box out. All the bees flew away. Then the next two years the same thing happened. I've had two different swarms (making three total) and they just flew away. I got to see them leave in their little tornado swarm and fly up over the hill. I wasn't the bee keeper. I was just the property owner of the bee keeper. This year I finally got the bee box and put it inside of the shed. I may look into it again sometime. Good luck with the bees!

  17. The gold (or cheddar) binding is a winner! Framed your log cabin blocks beautifully! I like your set up in bedroom. I want to hear about the beekeeping adventure.

  18. I love brown in a quilt...always have and always will. You are totally right----there is something warm, cozy and homey about a brown quilt. The gold binding is THE perfect addition. (PS I've been quilting since 1976 in my very young days...10 years ago I took up bee keeping but lost both my hives winter before last. Beekeeping is just as addictive as quilting so warn your My Italians were sweet, gentle bees. I plan on reviving my second passion next year...if this craziness in 2020 ever ends.) Blessings from southeastern (farm country, no coal) West Virginia.


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