Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What's Cuter Than Little Girls at a Tea Party!

I blogged about a quilt I made for my grand daughter's birthday and am finally getting around to showing the big reveal!

My daughter-in-law Krystel threw a tea party birthday party for my oldest grand daughter's 5th birthday.   This party was magazine worthy!  Photography is by Krystel's sister Katie of Francelle's Photography)  Isn't this picture gorgeous??  (there are a few thrown in from my phone)

Here is great grandma, Aunt Ashley and grandma (me)

Here is the birthday girl and her 2 yr old sister to the right.  

Pouring her tea . . .

Spooning sugar is serious business!

Little sister thoroughly engrossed in her tea!

Ahhh!  So yummy.

Littlest sis spent most of the party like this . . .

And here she is later all refreshed!

Here is the birthday girl's sweet face after she opened my gift to her.  The quilt is wrapped around a matching pillow.  

Aww, she is hugging it!

When I unwrapped it and showed her what was on the back, I wish you could have heard her squealing about unicorns!  Priceless!  I am going to have to make my little sweetie a bigger one.  This one is more the size of a wall hanging!

But she loved it and that is all that matters.  💕

I have missed you all.  I've been missing from blogland for a few months and it's time to get back in the saddle!   Yes, I have probably lost my mind but I am working on two king size quilts at the same time.  I'll write about that next time!  

I would absolutely love to hear about your favorite quilt giving (or receiving) memory!  
I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment with your story.  💗  

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  1. Stunning quilting work! Love the unicorns. What a special gift you gave her that I'm sure she will cherish always.

  2. Oh, ?Janice, what a sweet post! I have to go back and look at all the adorable pictures again! The quilt came out beautifully and there’s no doubt about it.......it was a hit! Well done!

  3. I’m so glad to meet your beautiful granddaughters. For sure, these pics will be shown at her wedding shower. They are perfect. And btw, so is the purple unicorn quilt. Well done Gramma.

  4. What a fun party. I love that the girls are all dressed up and those hats are fabulous. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and the quilt had to have been the highlight.

  5. What wonderful pics Janice, your girls are so so sweet. No matter where in the world you are, nothing gets a steel like a unicorn, it’s a wonderful quilt and will be so loved, I can tell by the happiness shining out of her face. Looks like the grown ups were enjoying it just as much, what a young looking Mom you have.

  6. What a sweet birthday party. She will remember her quilt forever! Janice

  7. Hi Janice! This is just the BEST post e.v.e.r. These photos are just priceless! Her face - pouring the tea, spooning some sugar, and then best of all - hugging her quilt and posing with Grandma. OMG! This had to be the best party ever, and what a fabulous idea for a tea party. {{Hugs}} You have some fab photos to remember this event forever. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the tea party with us. Brings great smiles to my face, it does indeed! What special sweethearts you have there. Just awesome! My best quilty gift was to my son and daughter-in-law for their wedding. He had a huge smile and a thank you, and that was all that mattered :) Glad to see you blogging again. I think I have given up entirely on it, lol!

  9. How posh they look with their fancy dresses and hats!! What a perfect memory for them all! Your quilt is beautiful and it is obvious it will be cherished by your granddaughter. It is so much fun to make quilts for your grandchildren, isn't it?

  10. Oh, this is the sweetest post! The tea party is adorable! But the delighted and surprised smile on your granddaughter's face is just the Best. Thing. Ever! She loves it sooooo much :) It's so wonderful to get that kind of reaction to one of our quilts, isn't it? Makes it all worthwhile. I recently mailed a quilt to my cousin's wife and she sent back a lovely photo of herself wrapped in it and an email full of gushing praise for the piece. Made my week!

  11. That is so precious - and the look on her face - what a way to melt your heart!!! I LOVE it!!!

  12. It's so beautiful, Janice! And it looks like it belongs at that party! All the florals fit in perfectly. What a fun time I bet the girls all had! She will treasure that for years, I'm sure. I find that my son (age 6) actually prefers the smaller quilts to bigger quilts--easier to move around and cuddle with.

  13. Great idea for a party. They looked like they were having a great time.

  14. The perfection of the quilt is only exceeded by the radiant smiles on both your faces.

  15. Oh what fun! There's nothing more rewarding then knowing someone absolutely loves a quilt you made.


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