Monday, February 3, 2020

Log Cabins Coming Out My Ears!

Until now, I have never made a quilt for my own bed.  I am finally attempting it!   So what did I pick?  A log cabin quilt.  It has always been on my bucket list of things to make and I'm finally doing it.  Unfortunately, that means I must make a king size version since we just purchased a king size bed this year.  YIKES! 

So here is my progress for far  . . .

This is a twin size piece of batting on the wall and this particular picture shows progress up to a 10 x 11 layout.   I need a 14 x 15 layout so I am just accumulating the rest 10 blocks at a time until I have a total of 210.  I am actually up to 190!  20 to go! 

I am using mostly Civil War reproduction fabrics but there are also some other fabrics that aren't repro at all but I decided the colors worked so in they went.  Here are some closeups of a few blocks.

My daughter-in-law wanted a log cabin quilt too but she wanted hers done in more neutral colors like this . .  

So I had about 20 blocks made using that color way.  Then she saw my quilt and kind of changed her mind and wanted hers to be more like that.  So I took the neutral blocks I had made and just made a baby quilt with a definite Little House on the Prairie vibe to it. I put a brown paisley around the edge.

Looks pretty blah from a distance but up close the fabrics are fun to look at.  Well, I like looking at them anyway!  Ha! Ha!

I have a ton of brown reproduction fabrics so I decided to piece the back too!  So here's what I did with that. 

 A lot of work for one little baby quilt but I enjoyed it.  I know that I would LOVE to quilt it in the Baptist Fan design but I've never done that using FMQ before.  Any suggestions on how to go about it?

 Again, I know this is not something that is going to make everybody go "oooo! WOW!" but I just love it.  It feels so homemade and vintage.  Like I said, Little House on the Prairie.  All those rich chocolaty browns just seem so cozy to me.

I just changed the font on my blog to be more clear and a little bigger.  Goodness knows I am having trouble seeing as well as I used to so I figured if it's happening to me, it's probably happening to others too so I thought I'd help ya out a bit.  

OK so any advice on how to proceed quilting the Baptist Fan is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I love both of your quilts, but log cabin is one of my favorites and I do like a low-volume quilt occasionally!! On the Baptist fan...I would buy a stencil of the size you want and use a water-soluble fabric marker to mark it - IF you washed your fabric before you used them...I've heard that sometimes the ink doesn't come out...try it on scraps of all the fabric first, just to make sure. I have a longarm that is hand-guided only and that is the way I would have to mark a quilt for Baptist fan or I would buy a Baptist fan ruler.

  2. Only twenty left? You have made great progress, I’m so impressed Janice, I don’t know if I could have made that many before giving up. I must admit, the little low volume one just has to be my favourite, it’s beautiful, and you pieced the back too, impressive. I do like a pieced back, although I prefer a one piece when I’m laying out and quilting. It’s wonderful we are back blogging together, we will spur each other on, I miss you.

  3. Nice to hear from you. I love log cabin quilts but I dont like the process of making them. I start up going round and round and then I get so bored with it. I have several projects I"ve started and never finished, tucked away with pieces cut out. I guess I should drag them out one at a time and start sewing up some more blocks.

  4. Actually....I do love that baby quilt! The fabrics in the log cabins are gorgeous....and the pieced back is a perfect complement! Kudos to you for taking on a King sized quilt! :-)

  5. Lots of great quilting going on in your house these days! I, too, love log cabins and yours is wonderful! I also love that your daughter changed her mind on the colors for her quilt. Mine did the same thing! After I bought the material....
    I guess I have been fortunate not to have my Purple marking pen give me any problems. It's the one used by Judy Madsen, and she marks 'everything' on her quilts. If you don't want to use that to mark your Baptist Fan design, you can get a chalk pencil. Trying to use rulers on a domestic machine seems out of my comfort zone, but maybe? Let us know how it goes. I would try a test piece first - potholder or something.

  6. I'm so impressed that you're making a king-sized quilt, and that you're almost up to all the blocks you need! Pretty colors and fabrics, too! I do like the low volume log cabins that you turned into a baby quilt - it looks warm and sweet.

  7. I made a log cabin king size quilt many years ago! We still use it today. They do hold up well. Yours is going to be so pretty!
    I'm glad about your font size! I try to keep mine larger too. I have a problem reading lots of blogs because of the print size.

  8. Wow!!! I am impressed you can stick with making all those LC squares!!! It is a gorgeous quilt and the baby quilt is darling, I love it.

  9. Love both your big quilt and the baby quilt. I'm a big fan of repro fabrics, so both the quilts is speaking directly to my hart!

  10. There you are! I can see why you haven’t been posting, Janice! You’re a woman with a mission, and oh, wow! I haven’t tackled a king sized quilt in forever, and I applaud your efforts. It’s stunning. The baby quilt strikes my fancy, as well. It looks large enough to be a lovely lap quilt. I keep two about that size on the back of my chairs (one at the kitchen table!), and will even grab one to take in the car with me. Well done, my dear!

  11. Your log cabin logs great! And I love the "Little House on the Prairie" baby quilt!!! Super cute!

  12. The quilt looks perfect. I love modern fabrics, and repro ones as well. It does look like a pioneer-era quilt. New font is great. I recently changed mine too.

  13. I started a log cabin quilt one December after Christmas, oh... over 10 years ago now. I cut one strip each from each of my 1800's reprints, and continue to do that as I buy more, to add to the bin. I worked on it again a couple years ago. It is just collecting strips, not getting made. Love that YOU have made such progress. Beautiful!

  14. Both the log cabin quilts are wonderful! Look the soft palette to the smaller one esp., but the king sized one will be fabulous in the colors you chose.:)


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