Wednesday, July 6, 2016

One Month Goal (OMG) for July

Hello friends and quilt lovers!

Happy belated Independence Day!  Just got home from celebrating with good friends in Washington.  Here we are all decked out in our red, white and blue!  I'm the short one on the left.

We got home this afternoon and I've been cutting and sewing like mad to try and get caught up on the four days I didn't get to sew.

Another "wish I would have known" about this pattern that I'm using.  There were no instructions about which way to press the seams so when it doesn't say anything, I usually press to the darkest side.  After going with that default, I think it would have come together much better had there been instructions to press the seams either open or alternate the pressing direction every other block to go together easier.  I think there should always be pressing instructions with any pattern. Pressing to the dark doesn't always work the best.  Just my 2 cents worth!

I know for sure that the Pretzel Twist quilt I have been working on (which is temporarily on hold)

could REALLY have used some pressing instructions.  Specific pressing directions would have improved the ease of piecing that quilt.  Now that I've been taking a break for a while, I've probably forgotten what I learned and will have to figure it all out again.  Should have written it down.  :(

So my purple and green concoction is under way and I have until the 16th to get this done.   I need some encouragement and pushing to keep at it!  Don't let me quit!  I would really like to have it pieced and quilted and bound by then if I can.  Hoping that linking up to the OMG party will motivate me to do this.

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  1. Lovely pic Janice, and is that your daughter? Beautiful girl. You seem to have the same machine as me, Bernina 440. I love mine, just wish it had a bigger throat. Your Pretzel Twist is coming on great, and I can see how you would have to concentrate on getting the colours right, although the pattern itself looks straightforward enough. With blocks like this I don't always press the initial pieces until I see the way they will lie.

  2. Both projects are coming along beautifully. If the pattern doesn't include pressing instructions, I'll sometimes sit down with a rough diagram and try to think through how the seams are going to match up, then mark the diagram accordingly. Sometimes I have to change a direction, but at least it gets me thinking before I start pressing. Plus then if I get pulled off to another project I have a record of what I was doing. Good luck with your OMG.

  3. I totally agree that pressing tips should be included in patterns! These days I rarely use patterns, but figuring out how to press seams is a challenge with every project. Kate's suggestions sound like good ones! Good luck on your project. It looks like you are chain piecing up a storm and that you will be able to meet your deadline!

  4. I agree with you on the pressing instructions. I was making my first tumbler quilt and struggling with the piecing when a friend told me it lined up better with seams pressed open. I went back and ripped out the pieced rows, ironed the seams open and zipped right through thee assembling. Best of luck reaching your OMG Debbie

  5. Let's hear it for OMG motivating you to finish the purple and green quilt.

  6. Very nice! I am having a similar feeling right now about pattern notes. I have a pattern that I used once before, and I can remember having a bit of trouble following it but I don't appear to have made any clarifying notes. And now I've decided that maybe I'd like one of my own... Whoops. Good luck!

  7. Nice quilts in progress! And I agree, pressing instructions can make a big difference in quilt assembly. Hope you don't get to frustrated so as not to finish.
    Thanks for linking up at Midweek Makers

  8. Thanks for stopping by Desertsky Quilting, Janice! I love all your current projects. Best of luck on your 16th deadline. I know you can make it. Daily goals will get you there. When it gets frustrating, sew on something else for a few minutes. =) Pressing instructions would definitely help a lot of patterns!

  9. Lack of pressing instructions really "presses" my hot button, too! I usually press "away from construction." In other words, away from where seams come in to a straight edge. That doesn't always work, either, and I've been known to twist my seams to reduce bulk.

  10. People don't talk about pressing much but many do just open seams. I agree with you that with some patterns it would be better to have instructions. Good luck with your goal!

  11. You really have to think twice about pressing the seam allowances sometimes, don't you? I don't have very much success pressing them open and having them stay that way! Good luck with your goal!

  12. Oo, the purple and green quilt is really pretty! Will every row be different, or are you alternating more zig zags and hearts? I have a good pressing strategy for the hearts, so if you're going to make more, let me know and I'll pass that along. Can't help with the zig zags, though :(

    I hate working to a deadline, but sometimes it just has to be done. Babies have a schedule of their own!

    Best of luck!

  13. Forgot to say: your Pretzel Twist looks great, too! Such a bright and cheerful selection of fabrics.

  14. Love that pretzel twist pattern. Did you design it? Beautiful colors and fabrics too

  15. Ya'll are so festive in your red, white and blue! I press differently depending on the quilt, sometimes to the dark side, sometimes open and sometimes press where there will be less bulk in the intersections.


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