Sunday, June 26, 2016

Story of a Quiltmaker

There are days when writing about what I'm working on is just not that exciting so I have decided to do a quilt maker interview instead.  I think you'll enjoy this.  Get ready for cuteness overload!

Saturday I got to spend most of the day sewing with my BQF (best quilty friend).  Would you like to meet her?

This is my friend Robin and she is the one who taught me how to quilt using my Bernina.  So it's her fault there is a new quilting blog in the neighborhood.  All her fault.  :)   I packed up my sewing machine and all my sewing tools and headed over to her house.  Now WHY in the world would you go to all that trouble, you say?   Well, she's really good company for one, and two . . .Robin, her projects, her ideas and her sewing room INSPIRE me!

Love this banner, and I want to make one!

A little part of her stash with a featherweight hanging around . . .yep, it works,

A miniature clothesline and miniature clothespins that hold pictures or labels of whatever recent projects she is working on.  So cute!  And a view of Miss Organization's scrap system.

If Robin had the desire to try, she would be a smokin' good quilt blogger.  I kid you not!  She is good at everything she does.  She sews, she knits, she is an excellent writer and actually did a blog for a while, just not about quilting. She does not do things halfway.  Here is an example of what I mean.  When she started to really get into knitting, she started her own knitting podcast.  She bought a lamb and a spinning wheel and learned how to spin her own yarn!  Are you KIDDING me???    I told you she doesn't do things half way.  Here are a few things out of the many, many she has made.   

Sweater and headband


The Baa-bie Hat.  A popular free pattern.

A beautiful knitted "quilt"

Robin has been sewing in one form or another since she was a little girl but quilting for only about the last 8 years when grandchildren started appearing.  Here are her first two quilts she ever made.  She was good at it from the start!

First quilt ever for her first grandson

Second quilt ever made for her first granddaughter.  These were both found in a 2008 issue of Quilting Magazine.  Did you notice they both have prairie points on two of the corners?  And applique!    She just jumped right in!

Here is a table runner she made when she decided she better start using up her own stash and not go buy anything new.  

Here is another quilt she is working on right now all from her stash.   Is this the cutest or what???  Just waiting to be quilted.

Here are some of her favorite blocks from this quilt.  I think the fabric line was Vintage Market.

Here are two projects she was working on yesterday.  Having recently welcomed her 2nd granddaughter in to this world (7th grandchild total), she is busily making teething rings . . .

and patchwork bibs.

Her granddaughter's name is Wren and she made the greatest birdy flannel quilt for her.

Here is the back

Closeup of birdy with party hat

There is the cutest story about this particular granddaughter's name.  One day, Robin was talking to her mom and telling her that her daughter had decided to name the baby Wren and her mom immediately said, who in the world would name their kid after a bird?  Robin looked at her and said, You??  I just cracked up when she told me about this.   

To be fair, her mom didn't name her after a "bird" but after a character in a book she had read so she didn't consider it naming her after a bird.  Still . . . too funny!!

So that's my BQF, Robin and just the tip of the iceberg of things she has created.  I hope you had fun "meeting" her.   

I'm still plugging away at the green and purple chevron and hearts quilt.  Here is the result of the tedious HST trimming I did on Saturday.  Bleh.  Talking about Robin was waaaaay more fun.

Since I have so few things to show yet of my own, I'll probably be sharing her creations once in a while if that's ok with her!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Please do come again!!

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  1. Every piece exquisite! Love the cardigan and headband

  2. Thanks for the inspiring interview! Very cute pieces!!

  3. It's great to have quilty friends like Robin! Great inspiration and I love the mini clothesline!

  4. Thanks for an insight into your BQF - what lovely things she has made!

  5. I think she has enough there to create a blog for sure and keep readers coming back - great stuff!!

  6. What a fun post and a pleasure meeting your BQF! A very talented lady indeed!

  7. So fun to meet your BQF....she looks so talented!! The birdy quilt is so cute and I love that she added her name. The story that goes with it is the best! Thanks so much for sharing her with us and for linking to MCM.

  8. Thanks for the tour. So glad you joined the link-up.

  9. What a talented friend you have -- she sounds very generous and kind as well. I love how she centered the bicycle in the center of that star block.

  10. Well Janice, she is lucky you only came around for one day.....I would be moving in! Such a shame this inspirational lady doesn't blog but thank you for showing us her talent and sharing it on DBM at Bits 'n Bobs :)

  11. You're fortunate to have such a talented quilty-friend! All her makin's have surely been a positive influence on you. It's nice to share quilting whether friends are local or far away, isn't it? Loved the "who in the world would name their kid after a bird?!" story. Funny. It's nice to pop into blogs... fewer people are maintaining them these days.

  12. How lovely of you to showcase Robin's creative loveliness. What a great friend you are.

  13. She is very creative and a good friend to have! Thanks for linking up at Midweek Makers
    Susan @ quiltfabrication

  14. Very interesting post, Janice! I want to be your friend, too, as it seems you can make people look good. Oh, I have no doubt that Robin is as good as you say, I just mean that you say and show (great pics) it very well. Love the Wren name...isn't it useful for a quilting/crafty grandma to have such a cute name to work with?! I enjoyed the entire post, so I'd love it if Robin let you share some of her work. Just don't show any more photos of her beautiful sewing room...I'll have a bad case of studio-envy (real thing, trust me) from the pretties and the organization. Really, I enjoyed the post and promise to visit again soon.

  15. I sew at a local quilt shop and one of "us" moved to your state. I'll have to find out her new town name to see if it's near you
    Colleen who sews in
    Danville California

  16. Oh Janice, you are so funny, your writing just gets better and better :)

  17. You have a very talented friend. Her quilts are adorable!


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