Thursday, July 21, 2016

First Attempt at Quilting Feathers

I want to thank all of you who gave me advice about how to quilt my chevron quilt.  SO appreciated!  Rebecca Grace, I really liked your idea about how to stabilize with water soluble thread but I couldn't find any around here!  I needed to get going on this so had to just baste as well as I could with pins.

OK, now don't laugh too hard.  These are some pretty wonky feathers.  I am hoping that my husband's cousin is going to give me a little grace because I'm family! (Karen, are you reading this?)

In critiquing my own work, I can see some things that I need to work on but I am hoping the overall effect is pleasing in spite of the imperfections.  I have trouble going around the corners and keeping the feather sizes consistent and going all the way to the edge of the chevron.  I might need to put some echoing around the outside of those feathers to make it look more filled.    I got the three white rows feathered last night and hope to work on the purple and green chevrons today. Hearts will be last.  And then the weird shaped white rows.

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If I could do it over, I would ask a different question and that is 

"How do you start a quilt guild?"  

I live in a tiny little town of 1300 but amazingly, we DO have a quilt shop.  In spite of the fact that there are scads of quilters around here, the closest quilt guild is an hour away.  I am seriously thinking about trying to start one but have no clue how to go about it.   You guys have been so AWESOME with your quilting advice, who better to ask?  I've done a little bit of searching online but firsthand experience about the pitfalls and what works and what doesn't from someone who has been there is more interesting to me.  Could you tell me do's and don'ts and of course, stories are always good!  Just how big a commitment is this we're talking about?

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  1. Oh my gosh! Your feathers looks sooo good! I think you are doing a fantastic job on first ones (and some I still do) looked like fat fingers. :) Keep up the great work!

    I can't help with the guild question. We have a small guild here but I've only attended a couple of meetings. Hopefully that will change in the fall. I'll be interested to read what others have to say. Good luck!

  2. your feathers look great. Instead of a quilt guild I would try to get a small informal quilt group together first. That way you would see if there was enough interest in an actual guild which has to collect dues and has rules and whatever to go with it. An informal group could possible meet at the quilt shop if they have room and which they might welcome as people would buy things when there or meet at quilters homes, a church meeting room, a library meeting room to give an example. I do not belong to a group right now but I found the informal groups more fun then the guild (my opinion) Good luck

  3. Okay, first off, your feathers look awesome. Can't believe this is your first try, seriously. Second, before starting or joining a quilt guild, you MUST READ "Quilting Isn't Funny" by Megan Dougherty, which you can find here at Amazon: Not because she tells you how to start a quilt guild, but because it's full of hysterically funny stories about quilters and quilt guilds -- and you kind of learn about all the pitfalls and what doesn't work while you're laughing along the way. ;-)

  4. I've never been to a guild or any other sort of quilty gathering except taking classes at one convention in Houston. So I'm no help with that. But your feathers look really, really good! I think you have a natural talent for them :)

  5. Hi Janice, I think your feathers look marvelous! I helped to begin a sewing guild years ago, and would be delighted to help you, but it is too much to put here. Email me.

  6. Janice your feathers are amazing! This is your first time? You're a natural!!!

  7. You get a "Wow!" on the feathers! Seriously, if this is your first attempt you'll be teaching us how to make them soon. I love feathers, but nothing in my life is nice and even and smooth, and my quilting reflects that. I've embraced the wonky craziness that is my life, so all of my work is just a bit off. However, people love my work: they say "it's real"! I take it as a compliment and do my own thing. I hope my advice helps you--if nothing else, it's freeing.

  8. Janice - Those feathers are AMAZING! Seriously! You have a true talent for FMQ. I might be pressing you for some tips one of these days. :)
    I agree with Karen. Maybe start an informal group first.

  9. Awesome feathers! Can't be your first time! Really? You've got natural talent!

  10. Haha! What have I been telling you about your quilting ability, all these comments back me up, you are a natural Janice. I agree with Karen, start an informal group. I have been in one group which grew and grew and in so doing changed, I don't belong to it anymore. I do belong to a small group though, very informal, we share, we help each other, we giggle and eat cake, I love it.

  11. I think your feathers look great! Much better than I could do on a sit down machine. As they say for all quilting, just keep practicing!
    Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  12. Terrific feathers! And sometimes echoing shapes can help smooth out any issues and further define them ( not that I see any!). And I agree that an informal group is probably the best way to start out. I belong to one and we started out meeting at the public library and now host the meetings at our houses so we have plenty of time to talk,eat and share our work. Sometimes we have "sew days" and sometimes we take on group projects, and even travel to quilt shows together. I also belong to a great guild but this small group is simply the best!

  13. For first time feathers, those are amazing! And the good news is they only get better from there. As for the guild question, that is a good one. We have a guild in our town, but I have no idea when or how it originally started. I may have to ask that at the next meeting.

  14. Wow - amazing feathers!! You sure have the talent. It will be interesting for you when the quilting is finished to look at the first row of feathers you did and then the last - they only get better with practice. No help on the guild questions although I have to say I wish we had a MQG in our area ....

  15. Hello Janice
    Your feathers look amazing, You are doing such a good job.
    Regarding your guild idea, why don't you ask the lady at your local quilt shop to get a list started for people wishing to join then you could go from there. Just an idea.

  16. Your feathers look perfect! I can't see any wonkiness. And yes, I agree--start a small group. Mine meets once a month at each others homes. We go around the circle and do show and share, quilts and personal life. We do block swaps and retreats twice a year.

  17. Janice you are rockin' the feathers! When I'm quilting mine, I'm always liek oops, oh no, yikes, wonk, etc etc, but I just keep going...When I pull that quilt out from under the needle, throw it on the floor and step back it never fails to wow me. Once it's washed and crinkly it will be even better. Are you going to echo the feathers? That helps them to pop even more! As for guild, smaller is better, maybe an informal sewing group? In my experiences, they get kinda political and demanding...

  18. Ask the quilt store to host a get together or just to meet at their space. See who shows up and gauge interest for "a guild with dues and minutes and guest speakers" or "get-together and sew and chat about quilts." Good luck!

  19. Hi Janice,

    Your free-motion quilting is lovely ! We enjoyed looking at your beautiful work and hope to see more photos. Keep going -- You're doing so well !
    As for quilt guilds -- start with a small informal group, and the interest will build up. What a fun idea to start a guild.
    Thank you for these wonderful photos, and best wishes from Marina and Daryl Lynn :-)


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