Tuesday, June 21, 2016

House Block #2

Hey fellow fabric fondlers and quirky quilters!  I'm not good at it, but I gotta try some alliteration now and then!

My anxiously awaited fabric order came today!  Oh man, it was like Christmas!  I'll give you a sneak preview of just a few of the fabrics.   Since I've been on a "house" kick lately, I had fun playing around with it and made a tropical hut for your viewing pleasure!  I almost hate to cut into this stuff!

I'm not a pattern writer, but I definitely AM a pattern user.  Coming at this from the pattern user side of things,  I wanted to point out something missing on this pattern that would have saved a little time. I would very much appreciate someone doing the same for me if I had written one.

At the beginning, the quilt is shown already sewn.  When listing the fabric amounts needed, the pattern only mentions the name of the fabric shown in the illustration and the amount used.  It didn't tell where each fabric was so I had to figure it out by comparing the fabric names to the picture.     It would have helped if there would have been some text overlay on the picture of the quilt identifying the name of the fabric.  Either that, or just a generic 1/4 yard is needed for this, and 1 yard is needed for that, etc.   It didn't take a super huge effort to find everything, but it did take some extra time to figure out exactly what I needed.

While waiting for that box of scrumptiousness to arrive, I made another house block.  Here it is!  Can you see the cats in the windows?   Those windows are only 3/4 on an inch wide so I was so happy to find something that fit them!

So, that will probably be as far as I get on the mini house quilt for a while as I've got some serious sewing to do with what little time I have.  Maybe I'll make some more if I need a break.  We shall see.

I've been playing around in Picmonkey a little bit and made this signature in a heart.  Not in love with it, but it was fun to play.   I'll keep experimenting.  

Thanks so much for dropping by and please come again!
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TheEclecticAbuela said...

Beautiful fabrics!

PaulaB quilts said...

Your house is so colorful with that lovely flower garden. Your roof is really quirky and fun. Nice to meet you and I look forward to seeing more of your sweet houses.

Christine Slaughter said...

Those fabrics are really gorgeous. I agree with you about knowing which fabrics are where in a pattern. It is an important part of a pattern, especially if you're instructing others to use the same specific fabrics. Love the mini house block, and how perfect to find the right size for the kitties! I use Picmonkey a lot, I love it! It's my go-to for all photo editing. I haven't used it to create graphics, I should give that a try!

Thanks for linking up to To-Do Tuesday!! Happy sewing!

Cut&Alter said...

I love your house with its resident cats .... sitting just as cats do. I haven't used picmonkey yet - is it easy?!! The heart signature looks very professional!

Marla said...

Your new house block is a lot if fun. Good job of exploring PicMonkey, too!

Julierose said...

Hi Janice! thanks so much for your lovely comment on my post--I am anxiously awaiting my online order of lavender fabric--hoping (fingers crossed) that it will look ok. My granddaughter loves green and lavender--so that is why I chose this Tula Pink Fabric jelly roll and charm pack. Will be looking forward to seeing your green/lavender quilt come together....hugs, Julierose

Kate said...

Very fun house block, love the kitties in the windows. Very pretty fabrics, those are going to make up beautifully.

Sandra Walker said...

You rocked those cats in the windows-like that they are black on black so not in-your-face apparent. Good point on the pattern-writing suggestion. I know I've done the 'what goes where?' figuring out in the past.