Saturday, March 23, 2019

Fun With Owyhee Mountain Quilters!

I love show and tell so I'll get right to it!!  Last night was the fourth official get-together of Owyhee Mountain Quilters.  Debbie brought the most fascinating quilt made with Hawaii themed prints.  I couldn't get the whole quilt in the picture but following is as much as I could get and some fun closeups!

I want you to notice the small details.  The sashing between is ocean waves going across and up and down is sandy beaches with cute little footprints in them.   (see below)

Debbie also brought a finished flimsy with bright springy colors.  So springy and bright!  Robin said it reminded her of Easter!  Super cute. 

Robin brought the cutest knitting needle case.  The details are so fun.  First, the sheep fabric she used, second the cute little ruler ribbon that Moda uses to wrap their bundles, inside Robin cut up pieces of the same ribbon to mark pockets for the different size needles she uses.

I'm not sure what happened to my picture of the inside, 
but here is a closeup of the cute needle pockets! "Purl On!"

Robin also brought a quilt top made by her great grandmother!  She wants to finish it but is still in the "looking for the perfect idea" stage.  We'd love to to hear what you would do if this was yours!  What kind of fabric would you choose to finish this Lone Star quilt?

The project Robin brought to work on is called Hibiscus which is a flower commonly found in Hawaii.  We accidentally have a theme going on!
Here are the blocks she's finished so far.
She's trying to decide whether to go ahead and make the twin size or stop at the lap size.

My project?  For my block of the month project, I sewed together 8 of these . . .

And the rest of my time was spent on a new project!  I am excited to share what happened to me two Saturday's ago!  I accidentally found out about an auction near my house that had 50 totes of fabric.  FIFTY!!  I was thrilled to discover there was a lot of Civil War reproduction fabric in there since I have recently developed an attraction to that style.  I purchased 4 totes full and after taking inventory of just one of the totes, there was over 100 yards of fabric in just one tote!  SCORE!!  Then on top of that, my friend Jessie was with me and after everybody had bought the totes they had their eyes on, they sold all the remaining totes for so much per tote winner takes all.  Jessie won the bid and asked me if I wanted to go halves.  I must be crazy but I agreed to do it.   She won the bid at $7.50 per tote for 30 more totes!  Yes, my husband DOES think I'm crazy.

Of course, there was a lot of fabric in there that wasn't what I would have picked or wasn't even quilting fabric and that is going to be donated to someone who will use it.  I will be sharing things about this score of all scores in future posts, but today I will show you just one thing.   Inside one of the totes, I found a bunch of 3" squares sewn into 4-block strips like this:

They were all pinned together in groups of 4 so I assumed the original maker meant to make 16 patches.  So I sewed them all together.  LOVING the old-fashioned vibe of this quilt and the variety of fabrics she used.  Very few repeats.

Now that I virtually have a whole second stash of fabric, I looked around in there for something that would work for sashing and found the perfect thing!  It's a tan background with some squiggly green and red stripes that really goes well with all the muted colors in these blocks.

Not only did I find the perfect sashing but also the perfect back!  Check this out! 

I can't wait to show you this finish! Still need to decide on binding but I'll wait until I get the top sewn together to do that.   I am HAVING SO MUCH FUN playing with and organizing fabric.  😍

Don't forget to share your wonderful ideas for how you would finish Robin's Lone Star!   

Also, if you would like to follow our activities on our Owyhee Mountain Quilters Facebook page, just message me and I'll send you an invitation.  We post other things there that won't be on my blog.  

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  

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  1. that was a great haul in fabric - I have never gone to an auction! you did good!!

  2. Great post. I would try to find a small floral print in those soft colours to use as a background for the Lonestar quilt.

  3. The Hawaiian quilt looks like the fabrics were taken from Hawaiian shirts!! How fun!!! The Lonestar...I would find fabric that matches the lightest color in the star (looks like pale pink) and applique the star onto a single piece of fabric (like the wide backing fabric). As a longarm quilter, I know that Lonestar are really hard to get to lay flat, depending on the skill-level of the piecer - I suck, so I would have to applique it!! You certainly got an awesome haul of fabric!! Do you have a group that makes quilts for Lutheran World Relief? They will take any kind of fabric, turn it into a quilt and send them all over the world.

  4. How wonderful to get all that fabric at such a reasonable price. Opening it all up and going through it all will be rather like Christmas morning, I imagine!

  5. What a deal indeed! Lucky you:) I have never made a lone star so I have no idea what to suggest. So glad you got your little quilt group up and running!

  6. I got my Stash started by buying a big, black lawn/leaf bag filled with fabric for $10 at a yard sale. I spent hours ironing it all out, folding it, and wondering what the heck I would ever to with it. You definitely scored on your haul! You may never need to buy fabric again, lol!

  7. Love that Hawaiian quilt, and the ocean and sand sashings are so perfect!!!!!

    For Robin's top, I agree with the other posted who would applique it on a whole cloth background. I'm thinking a spring blue would be lovely.

    What a score! So glad you are enjoying your new-to-you fabric stash!!

  8. The Hawaiian quilt is awesome! and such a great haul too! Thanks for linking up. I can't wait to see what you do with your new stash!

  9. That looks like quite a score! How fun to get so much in the style of fabric you're really interested in! Looks like your quilt group is making lots of fun things.

  10. What a SCORE, Janice!! You have an instant second stash. How fun! I think I would have done the exact same thing with those rows of four squares: make 16 patches and pick sashing and backing fabrics. Like Christmas morning, to open all those totes. You must have been so excited, LOL!

  11. Sounds like another fun meeting. Love the footprints in the sashing. I can't think of a colour for the lone star. But I just made one and used black for the background, as a nod to Amish versions. Maybe she could try a dark colour to make the star pop.

  12. First -- that Hawaiian quilt is fabulous. I've never done a lone star but I agree with the appliqué concept. But your stash haul is fabulous. I'm hoping it is mostly more recent fabric than the really old calico prints But what you have shown looks great. Have fun figuring out where you will stash it all and what to make with it. Have fun!

  13. I finished a lone star quilt for a lady one time. The star had been finished to the point that it was squared off with white fabric. I had to take some of that apart to flatten the whole thing out. I decided to put a white border on it, then I found the perfect matching yellow for another border, then a third border of white. I used the yellow for the binding. I free motion machine quilted the star with lines using a variegated pastel rayon thread. I can't remember how I quilted the rest of it. The fabric was in solids and from around WWII. Three generations had worked on the quilt. The lady was absolutely thrilled with it. She said she didn't think she would ever see it done. I would say a soft white to finish out your friend's star along with the best match to one of the fabrics.

    That knitting needle case is really cute! Would you be able to find out from the person who make it where they got the directions? I would love to make one for my sister. That was a brilliant idea to use the ribbon for the needle sizes!

    What a score on all that fabric! I need to go to auctions with you!

  14. Lots of fun stuff going on in your quilting group. Way to go on the fabric totes! Sounds like you got a very good deal on some fun new playthings.


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