Monday, October 1, 2018

Idaho State Pillow & Quilt Show Pics!

Thanks to the great advice I got from you all, I am very happy with my Idaho state pillow!  I ended up echoing one more time around the shape of the state and then densely quilting the heck out of the inside of the state.

Now you may be wondering why it is so lacking in color.  If I had made it for myself, it would be FULL of color, but since it is for an auction basket, I kept it as neutral as possible to go with anyone's decor.   I probably could have put a LITTLE bit of color in the thread around the edge of the state, but I played it safe.  I don't anticipate our basket will bring a lot as the bidding isn't very lively at this conference. 

I have some great pictures to share from a quilt show I attended this weekend, but before I do that, I have a request.  I have been asked to make a baby quilt featuring elephants, using pastel pinks and grays.  I used to see those particular color combos all over the place and now that I'm actually needing them, I can't find any!  I'll try again this afternoon, but if anybody could point me to some they've seen, I'd be appreciative!  Some FQ bundles would be great.  Or if you have any in your stash you don't think you'll use, I would love to buy them.  Also, any pattern design recommendations would be great too.  I've found a few possibilities, but am still looking.

OK, on to the quilt show eye candy provided by Boise Basin Quilters.   I had such a great time looking at all the wonderful creations!  Some new and some vintage quilts were shared as well.   I took pictures of my favorites and will share a few now and then.

The quilts I share with you today will be the different animals featured on quilts.  This one had the sweetest little Scotty dog.

Isn't he cute??

This next quilt was a collaboration of 15 different quilters who met through Facebook and their love of dachshunds.  They will auctioning their quilt to benefit dachshund rescues later this month.

 This little guy cracked me up!  I love him!

Other animals I saw were cats, giraffes, a crow, a flamingo, and a moose.

This crow quilt is a miniature.  Love that texture in the fields using twisted fabric.  
I wouldn't want to sew it though!

Well, that's all for now.   I'll show you some more in future posts.  

I'm doing really well with my 15 minutes a day on Morgan's quilt.  Today I'll be spending my 15 minutes trimming 44 HST's to size.   Not a chore I enjoy but I can do anything for 15 minutes!  It really does make the tedious parts much easier to get through.  

Hope you can help me find some pink and gray!

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  1. Love the Idaho pillow! It will bring in $$$.

  2. thank you for the flamingo... and those cats are so cool with dresdens or fans or drunkard paths or mix of piecing. I want to totally get out the scrap bins and make some!

  3. what a neat pillow - great job! cute quilts that you shared.

  4. Love your pillow! The quilting is fantastic. Makes me want to try a NYS one.

  5. Glad you did not take my advice to leave the pillow alone as it looks amazing now Janice! I also love that Scottie. What a cute face. Janice

  6. I searched on Pinterest for pink, grey elephant quilt and found a number of different examples. Hope that helps. I agree that the pillow is wonderful.

  7. Oh that dense quilting is luscious!! I love the contrast with the rays. Someone is going to love this. Are you looking for elephant fabric or a pattern? I really like an elephant pattern that Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts designed, but I have a feeling an Internet search will show others as well. Then you could choose fun gray and pink fabrics. Those animal quilts are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I should try the 15 minute method,if I can remember it.

  9. Your pillow turned out perfectly! I can't get over that giraffe quilt!

  10. Love your pillow Janice, the central quilted are is beautiful, you nailed it. It looks like a pillow you would see in a posh shop! I love all the quilts you shared, one was nicer than another. Will you be making the free and wonderful elephant quilt from Sew Fresh Quilts or do you have a pattern in mind?

  11. Yay!! The Idaho pillow turned out so great! And I loved seeing all the fun animal quilts.

    I have very little pink and gray in my stash. I think I got my fill of those colors in the 80s, LOL! When my niece requested a yellow and gray elephant quilt, I used the Elephant Parade pieced momma and baby elephants from Sew Fresh Quilts. They were fun to make! Here's the link:

  12. Your pillow is perfect!!! Next year I'm planning on going to the Boise show, maybe enter a quilt....

  13. Janice, it’s perfection! Your quilting is amazing! Good luck finding fabrics for your baby quilt. No pastel pinks here! I enjoyed the show and tell. Such fun, whimsical quilts on display. That crow mini is my favorite. I love the use of texture portraying the fields. Pretty clever!

  14. I was the one who thought you should leave Idaho plain, but now that I see it all fancied up with tons of quilting, I admit that I was wrong and everyone else was right! It looks GREAT!

    For elephants, I see someone already mentioned Sew Fresh Quilts Elephant Parade, which you can still find for free on her website. I'm almost done with my rainbow version of that pattern that will be going to a baby girl born yesterday! There's also another really fun elephant pattern that I've been wanting to make but I'll have to look for it; I'll come back and link if I find it.

  15. This is the elephant pattern I was referring to earlier.


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