Thursday, December 7, 2017

On Ringo Lake Clue #2

I have been watching with envy all the wonderful quilts that pop up all over the internet when Bonnie Hunter does one of her mystery quilts.  I decided (even when I knew I couldn't keep up) to join in.  At least I'll get the instructions for each step and finish up later as I can.

First clue was to make tiny little 9 patches.

I have decided to make just half the amount of units she asks for.  Even that is going to be a stretch.

The next clue was a BUNCH of flying geese using a variety of corals and salmons along with a variety of low volume.  Even half is a challenge!  I'm not anywhere close, but I'll keep plugging away!  I have no idea what the layout is going to be.  This is just an arrangement for picture taking purposes.

May I talk about colors for a bit?  After all, that IS one of my favorite things.  :)  We've been living in our new house for several months now and I've only hung up one thing on the wall.  These hearts.  There are five of us in our family and I LOVE the color and texture of these hearts.

All the other pictures that were in our old house are all stacked in my bedroom and I'm really kind of tired of them.   I bought my first piece of new art in a long time.   I love this so much!  The color!  The atmosphere!

It is fun to imagine what those people are doing out in the rain and what they are talking about.  And did you happen to notice it matches the colors of the mystery quilt I'm making?  BONUS!  And not only that, both my husband and my son like it!  DOUBLE BONUS!!  I was so excited about that!  After all, they have to live with it too.

I got a fun surprise tonight.  My husband asked me if I wanted to get away for the weekend.  Umm, YES!!!!  Didn't have to think twice about that one.  That left me to think about what I could work on while we are driving to our destination.  Quickly I made some binding!
Remember the quilt top that Vicki made and Jen Strauser quilted for me?  The one I bought because I have no quilts of my own yet?
Well, this is the week it finally gets done.  And hopefully by the end of this week, I'll have a nice blog post showing Vicki's beautiful quilt top all quilted up by Jen and bound by me!  It even sort of  has a Christmasy vibe to it, don't you think?

Speaking of Christmas, check out this ornament.  Gotta love a designer who sees quilts EVERYWHERE!  I'm a big Jim Shore fan.

Well, that's all for now!   Enjoy your weekend, I'm pretty sure I will be!
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  1. Your colors are beautiful!! Wasn’t Bonnie’s first clue for only 50 9patch blocks?

  2. Love your colours. I missed that QAL. I have to go look. Must. Not. Start. New. Projects. ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. I am saving all of the instructions and will decide later if I will make it. I have one Jim Shore Christmas piece is a tall skinny Santa and I love it.

  4. The art work clearly has your name on it Janice!!! Hey fun to see that quilt again;) What room in your house is it going to reside in?

  5. I'm making a half sized On Ringo Lake too and it's definitely a lot of units! I love all of the different aquas you used in your 9 patches and your geese look great too!

  6. Beautiful fabrics for the Ringo Lake and they perfectly with the little hearts!

  7. I just LOVE those hearts on your wall! Very cool!! And that painting is one of my favorites! There are a few that are a similar style that I like too. I have been tempted to get one as well because they are so my style! :D Have fun on your weekend trip!

  8. Am a blue and red person myself, so I love the blue quilt pieces and especially those hearts! Janice

  9. Your posts are always so delightful! Love your Ringo Lake fabrics. Have a great get away!

  10. I've never seen a manger with a quilt on it before!! How fun! I know what you mean about being ready for new art, especially in a new house. I love your new piece with the rain. Good luck finishing the binding; I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt all finished soon :)

  11. I LOVE that picture! It will look great hanging in the new house and with its quilt friend when it is finished :) Enjoy you weekend way and happy binding!

  12. First of all I love your blue and coral combination, I'm rooting for you to keep up, and if you don't I'll keep reminding you. I love your hearts, they are so you, and the artwork is wonderful. Hubby and I don't always agree on art, but life is a compromise and as long as he hangs the odd stuff in his study that's fine :-) Speaking of art thats an unusual Christmas ornament and I can see why you love it.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and get that binding done!

  13. Yay for a little getaway!! and yay for joining in the mystery!!

  14. Such a flurry of quilty activity in your studio. Love all your color choices. Hope you had a romantic weekend!!!

  15. I'm with you with Bonnie's mysteries. I never keep up, but do what I can as I can. Love the new art work! It's bright and fun. Hope you enjoyed your weekend away.


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