Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hedgehogs are the Cutest!

Hello friends!  Is there anyone else out there who feels like they have completely lost their rhythm and struggling to get back into a routine?  I'm raising my hand!

This post will be short and sweet as I have done pretty close to zero sewing since the last post I made several weeks ago.

I first saw this design here on Jayne's blog at Twiggy and Opal.  Seeing how much fun you can have with different fabrics has me wanting to make some more!

This project is one of the most fun and enjoyable things I've done for a while.  I made a hedgehog pillow for my daughter.  Meet Hazel the Hedgehog, designed by Elizabeth Hartman.

And here is my version made for my daughter.
This version of Hazel is just the top as I was waiting until I had gifted it to Ashley to find out if she wanted it with the glasses.  She does!  So that is my next project.  As soon as I can find a 20 x 20 pillow form.  The last time I tried to buy one they were all sold out!

I am needing to sit down and figure out my 2018 goals but I keep procrastinating!  I need my accountability partner Kate to give me a kick in the pants!  But I'll take encouragement anywhere I can get it from anyone who has some words of wisdom for me. 

I hope you all had a wonderful 2017 Christmas!

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  1. you got a brand new sewing room and you are not sewing - are you still busy organizing your whole house? or is your sewing room so big you do not know where to start?

  2. Hazel is an adorable finish for your daughter and I just love her with glasses :) Hope you are able to find a pillow form soon.

  3. Saw her on Instagarm (Laura Links is the Laura btw) and now here she is again! LOVE. Her spikes fabric especially. ;-)

  4. Love your Hazel! Love how the fabric you used sparkles in this design. I wasn't going to do the goals, but am thinking I should after all.

  5. Great fabric! The geometric shapes really look like hedgehogs spines :)

    My only word of wisdom for you is "fun." As in, as long as you're having fun with your sewing, nothing much else matters. Lots of new linkies out there right now: WIPs, UFOs, Scrap Attack, Rainbow Scrap Challenge, QALs, BOMs...they can all be great, but don't let hopping on the bandwagon make you feel guilty if you need to hop right back off again. Do what works for you in any given month, and know that it's absolutely fine to do something completely different the next month (as long as you're having FUN! :)

    1. Ahhh, Louise! You have indeed shared such words of wisdom! Hugs to you! I like you already and I've never even seen you! Blessings to you!

  6. Too cute, Janice! Just the thing to help you get back in the swing.

  7. Your hedgehogs are so darn cute! The colors...the patterns...the pretty! Glad you're having fun!

  8. A very fun hedgehogs, love those spikes (?). No words of wisdom from the Kate in OK on ambitions for 2018. Mine is to finish off a few UFOs. I'm out of space for new stuff till I finish the old. Hope you find your quilting mojo soon.

  9. You made a great job making the hedgehog pillow top, now get it finished and move on. I’m expecting great things of you in 2018 and I’m still waiting for your list, so get cracking and let’s have some fun. You know you want to..........

  10. Love that pink print you used for her spikes. I have the original version, but I don't like the small piecing. How's the larger version?


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