Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shadow Block Mini Quiltalong Update

Quicky post to all those wanting to participate in the Mini Blog Hop we are doing!

So far we have fourteen ladies signed up to participate in the Shadow Block Mini Quiltalong and Blog Hop with several others still debating about whether to join.  I'm so excited to see what you're going to make!  I'm already working on my 2nd one.  These  mini quilts measure about 18" x 24" (rough guess) and can be made and quilted in an afternoon.  The part that takes the longest is choosing what to use.

COME ON!  Join the fun!  You can do this and we would love to have you!   As I've told several ladies, even if you can't make one by "Reveal Day" you can always make one later and share with us at #shadowblockmini on Instagram.

Participation information is here!

Look to the right on my blog.  There is now a Button you can grab along with appropriate HTML code to add to your sidebar if you wish.  I would have liked to make it a little bit more creative but this was a rush job.

My apologies to my family and friends who are non-quilters.  This post is probably all Greek to you!


  1. Oh my! One more cool little quilt...I need to not do this, but I want to do this! So many fun quilts to make!

  2. I may just have to add it to my ever-growing wish list.

  3. I made my sample block yesterday. Tres easy! Today I will cut the rest of the blocks and then start sewing them as leader/enders. Should be done by Friday. (at least the main blocks!) Then on to the quilting which is going to be super fun and easy. This is such a doable project. Thanks for leading the troops!

  4. Got my shadow quilt top almost together, and I'm considering making a second one. I agree with Bonnie--this project is super easy!

  5. Hi Janice! I live in Idaho too! I'm wondering where you are? LOVE the outside of your "new" home. :)

  6. It looks like fun but I have so many WIPs right now.


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