Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sewing Space and House Update

Every once in a while, a quilt blogger will show us her sewing space.  Some of you ladies out there are born decorators!  I really enjoy those "insider" views.  My fellow quilt blogger Melva over at Melva Loves Scraps is hosting a linky party for anybody who would like to share their sewing space with us.

My space is VERY temporary!  I have kind of hijacked one of the offices in my mother-in-law's house with whom we are living with on a temporary basis.   Fortunately, she doesn't really use this one anymore, so I think she's ok with it.  We are living with them while our home is being remodeled so this is very make-do!

Here is the view when you walk into the office.  I didn't even straighten up to impress you.   :)

So now pretend that you sat down in that office chair and then swing around the opposite direction.  Here is what you would see:

All of my stash and sewing stuff is packed away.  I never dreamed we would be living here as long as we have (a year and a half!).  So the fabric you see piled on that book case is everything I've purchased in the last year.

On the bright side, my husband told me we are probably going to be moving into our house in about 2-3 weeks!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!

The window ledge is a convenient holder for a few house blocks and miscellaneous things that haven't been sewed into a quilt yet . . .

I tried to disguise this giant obsolete printer with some other miscellaneous blocks that I'm no longer interested in. . .

Here's a small collection of stitcheries that I may hang on the walls of my REAL sewing room later (except the wash day one) but for now they are just leaning against the wall.  Like several of you I love vintage things and I'm going to be on the lookout for things to decorate my new sewing room now that it seems it's actually going to happen!

Most of you saw my post about our house and how it has been transformed from a tiny little thing to a livable home.  Wanna peak at the inside?   This is what it looked like two days ago . . .

This is my daughter's window seat in her bedroom

And this is a view of one wall of my new sewing room!  Loving all that storage!  This is down in the basement under the house that once used to be a dirt cellar.  We finished it off and put in closets and electricity and heat and a really nice window that lets in lots of light.  I forgot to take a picture of that.  I'm going to go ahead and publish this post and I'll add that later.  So there's not a ton of natural light but enough to keep me happy and at least I have a designated room for sewing, right?

So that's my sewing space, present and future.  Join in the fun over at Melva Loves Scraps and let us see your sewing space!

Don't forget to check back on Monday to visit all the blogs in the Shadow Block Mini Quiltalong!

And in the meantime . . . Happy Quilting!

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  1. you will be so pleased to have your sewing room - it looks great. I have some post here and there of my sewing room on the side bar of my blog. I like having a space of my own it is small but better than the kitchen table that some have!

  2. How exciting to have a sewing space, and with so much storage to boot! I'm sure you'll settle in quickly and have it decorated to be lovely in no time! :)

  3. How exciting to be moving into a new space! I envy your "blank slate". I am in the process of a sewing room makeover. Dealing with the stuff currently in the room is a slooooooooowly process!

  4. You are very restrained in your fabric purchases - surely there's more somewhere! Your current space looks pretty good, the future one is just amazing!!! Lucky lucky you!

  5. Your temporary space is very functional and that really is all one needs to be happy. However, the closets in your future sewing room is to die for! I believe you have inspired me to do more in my closet... like clean out more of the "kids" stuff and pull my small bins of fabric out of the basement cabinet (which I didn't even include in my studio tour.) Thanks for linking up!

  6. I can't wait to see your new sewing room all decorated. What a great thing to be able to start from scratch like that. AND those closets/shelves! It is going to be beautiful, I can tell. :)

  7. Actually, I'm impressed by your present sewing space considering it's temporary, but your new space looks wonderful. All that closet space! I like seeing your present stash, but I have a feeling it will be like a birthday celebration when you open the boxes with your old stash in them and discover things you forgot you had. Good luck with the move!

  8. After all this time, you must be over the moon at the thought of moving into your home! Your current space, though small, is more than functional and I love the light! Your new space looks so roomy, and I think you will have it sorted and decorated in no time. I too love vintage needle work and have a post in mind about an outing I did recently with my sisters where we discovered some lovely things! Thanks for sharing your space with us, and please update us when you set up your new studio!

  9. How fun to see both your temporary space and the fantastic possibilities of your new sewing room! I'm with you, I love peeking into other people's lives like this :)

    And how cute are those house blocks?! Are you going to make more? I love them!

  10. It will be so nice to get a new sewing space for you! We had our son, DIL and their four children stay with us during their remodel, but I didn't have a spare room in case she needed a sewing space. lol

  11. After making do for so long, you will definitely appreciate your new space. It looks perfect.

  12. I bet you're moving in now to your new space. I can't wait to see pics or did you post them already and I've missed them? Your new sewing space looks like it will be large and have lots of storage.


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