Friday, July 7, 2017

Next Improv Block and House Update

It was an adventure creating a new block improv style!

When I showed you my pile of scraps that I have limited myself to using while we are waiting for our house to be built, several of you mentioned the bright orange swirly looking piece and wanted me to use that for the next block.  So I dug through and found all of the pieces left of that one.  Here they are:

Next, I dove into the pile to find something to go with it.  I found these cute little miniature floral pieces:
   And laid out this:

I like this!  But I wanted to explore ALL of my options.  So I'm going to show you some other choices and let you help me decide which direction to go.  Please vote!  :)

There will be enough to put that bottom border on but I didn't want to cut it yet until I decide what I'm doing!

I think I would cut this up and do something more interesting than just a framed square.  If this is your favorite, what would you do with it?

OK, this next one is a little bit out there with traditional calico and this crazy swirl.  The nice thing about this one is I would still have quite a bit of swirl fabric left for another block.

And last but not least, the swirl fabric with some orange and red solid looking fabrics:

I am envisioning some kind of star block or something with flying geese.  I could actually sew some of the swirl strips together again to make a larger piece and you would hardly notice it.  Now please do leave your vote in the comments, won't you?  Which one (or two) choices do you like best?

I said I would have a house update but it's soooo hot out there!  It got up to over 100  degrees today!  It's almost 6 pm and still in the 90's.  Do I HAFTA get up and take pictures?  Oh, all right.  Ya talked me into it.  I'm heading out the door.  And please feel properly guilty for making me go out into this weather.  I'll be back in a sec.  OK, here ya go.

The red in this picture almost looks a little purplish, but it is a barn red.  The bottom of the posts will have horizontal strips of stone.  We haven't picked that out yet.  Today, we picked out the granite and carpet.  I'm not going to show anything inside yet because it's very boring.  Just bare sheetrock and every room looks the same right now.

The front looks very narrow, but it's pretty wide and goes back quite a ways.  Below is a view looking in the front window . . .  That first door you see on the right is the hallway to my quilt room! The 2nd door further back is the kitchen pantry.  This front room will be open to the large dining room (planning on putting a Walton Family size table in there) and then all the way to the end is the kitchen.   Ceiling height throughout the house is ten feet.

I'll share the progress as it happens!

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  1. Oh Janice the house is looking great! That porch is wonderful, I can just see you there, sitting in a rocking chair (just like in the Waltons, or do I mean the Hillbillies?) out of the heat and a piece of hand stitching on your lap. Tubs sonf baskets cascade with lovingly tended flowers, your new granddaughter sitting on a rug at your feet, struggling with her first stitching while Grandma looks on with pride. Sigh...........
    The fabric is lovely, you are right to want to use every scrap. The nine patch is a bit blah I'm not so keen on two and the framed square highlights the centre fabric not the lovely swirls. The last one is my favourite block but the fabric gets a bit lost, so I can't really help you, sorry. You could just stitch pieces together in a random crazy piece using darker fabrics preferably plains so it would stand out.
    Back to the house, the front room looks huge, mind you new houses over here are tiny in comparison with yours so you shouldn't be surprised at that, we just haven't got the land. Your forever home is going to be stunning, I can hardly wait to see more.

  2. I like the calico swirl...very scrappy and pretty hugs, Julierose

  3. Hello Janice, wow your house is looking amazing. You must be getting excited now. Love your block to, its so full of colour.

  4. I love the fabrics. They look like Kaffe Fassett to me. I like the shape of the last one. Perhaps you could dig through your scraps and see if you had more of the darker stripey fabric and use it to the cross an drew the swirls could be background. Your new home is lovely. When is move-in day?

  5. They are coming along nicely on the house, although I am sure you would prefer even more done! The outside is so pretty! I actually kinda of like the block with the traditional calicos.

  6. Janice, you house is moving along. You will be in soon I am sure. I have 10 foot ceilings and love them. They help keep everything so bright.

  7. nice to have the porch! sorry about the heat, that is awful when you are staying in a camper for the time being.

  8. I like the traditional calico with the swirls. I'm a big fan of mixing all types of fabrics together. Your house looks great. I can imagine that you are looking forward to getting into it.

  9. The house is moving along, thought probably not fast enough for you at this point. Ooh, I like all the fabrics you are playing with. You could make some fun Dutchman puzzle blocks with the orange swirl, the black and pink stripped along with the either the white/pink floral and/or the solids you have out. Looking forward to seeing what direction you go.

  10. I seems I'm the only one so far that likes the arrangement in the picture below the nine patch block. Love how that looks. Second choice would be your star block idea for the collection of fabrics in the last picture. I can tell you're having fun working with your limited selection of scraps!

  11. Love that barn red with the grey! Are you thinking the stone strips will be grey, too? Or more of a brick red stone? Either way would be awesome!

    I really, really like the black, pink and orange stripe, and would use it with both the orange swirl and the hot pink floral in the photo just above the stripe. The block where you show the more traditional blue fabric would look great with the fabrics I like. If you cut the stripe right and put it in the position where the blue is, it would radiate out from the center of the block and give it some real movement. I just love how zingy stripes can be, and that one has such fantastic contrast!

    The traditional calicos are very pretty, too. I'd be inclined to zip them up with more contrast. The orange swirl is good, and I think a much darker blue would really stand out in that block. That medium blue has a perfect match somewhere else in your pile! Maybe with a bright yellow? Acid green? Scraps give us so much freedom to try wild stuff, especially someone else's scraps, lol!

  12. OH! Your forever home is so lovely and what a big window for your quilting room! Yea! I like the first block with the mini floral pattern! So pretty and both fabrics shine!

  13. Beautiful house. You must be so excited. A blank slate for creativity.

    Love the scraps. Lots of different directions to go. I would choose something that combines modern (orange swirls) with traditional (calicoes). The nine patch does that well, so does the one with lots of calico, but I do like the idea of switching out the blue for the black stripe.

    It's all fun.

  14. Beautiful house. My block choice is block #1

  15. visiting from crazy mum quilts. improv piecing is hard to plan.

  16. I love that swirl fabric. Sadly, I have no suggestions for you. Got with your first gut reaction. Good to see the house coming together.