Monday, June 12, 2017

Poodle Block

Karen at Tu-Na Quilts, Travels and Eats is wanting to decorate her guest room in a French theme so as her turn as Queen Bee she is asking for poodle blocks!  We could make a black poodle on white background or white on black background.    The original pattern designer blogs at The Object of Design.  You can see her right facing poodles here and her left facing poodles here,  Here is the example
Karen gave us.

Isn't she cute?

There were a lot of teeny tiny pieces to deal with on this block and Karen was kind of enough to create a label template for us to label all the pieces.

A rotating cutting mat was definitely a helpful tool for all the trimming of flip triangle corners:

And here is my version of Karen's poodle block (needs more pressing):

Yesterday, there was a yard sale right down the street from my house.  I had to go.  Just HAD TO!  It was one of those where they'll hand you a bag and let you stuff as much into it as you want for $5.  They had a lot of fabric, but most of it was polyester.  Still,  I ended up with about 5 yards of nice low volume cottons and a few nice scraps.  My favorite is the scissors fabric and that was the largest piece.
And one piece of coveted light gray.  Where were you when I needed you for Stash Bee blocks?  This appears to be a from a pillowcase someone took apart.

And this doesn't have anything to do with quilting but I thought it was amusing.  Our cat head butting my husband.
This is one of the clingiest cats we have ever had.  He's constantly wanting to lay on top of you.  He's got a dalmation stomach and tiger legs.

Remember I told you a few weeks ago about one of our employees being in a car crash?  Here's what a truck looks like after a semi turns onto the highway right in front of you while you're traveling 55 mph.  He is lucky to be alive (broken arm and a few broken ribs) and we are so blessed nobody was riding in the passenger seat that day.

It was very interesting reading about my more experienced sewing friend's preferred methods of pressing.  Thank you for sharing!  I am cataloging all the things I learn from you in my brain bank!

I should have a house update for you in a few days.  They are already framing our new house!  I'll share some inside pictures of the house that just sold too.  I've got 9 days to get our house packed up and ready to move out.

So glad you stopped by and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. A cute poodle block and you did well at the sale.

  2. Very cute poodle block and I love your cat!

  3. looking forward to seeing photos of the new house. You did a great job with that poodle block. It looks tricky. The truck looks like a nightmare. I hope he recovers quickly.

  4. Chop, chop on that packing girlfriend!! Are you doing a rambler style house for yourself? Boy that truck looks nasty, so glad he was okay. Love your poodle block, perfect fabrics:)

  5. nine days to pack up! you better get moving girl! Karen put a tough one on you all I think with that poodle block! someone needs to get back at her with a tough block for her to make I think LOL - (I read her blog too) Amazing that he injuries were no more with a wreck like that - lucky person.

    1. Awe, Karen. You are all heart! I read your blog, too, so I can tease you a bit, too, and no one could make more difficult piecing than your Granny Gone Crazy project!

  6. She is one fancy, schmancy, French poodle!! I can't wait to see her in person. A move in 9 days, seriously??? Are you hiring packers? It would take me 9 days just to pack up my sewing room. Thanks so much. I hope this block wasn't too difficult.

  7. Love the poodle! The black and white really makes him (her?) look very elegant. That's going to be a fun quilt. Good luck with your packing and such. That is such a chore and stressful to boot. Hope you can work in some de-stressing stitching.

    A niece on my husband's side of the family was involved in a head on collision on a two lane country road just before Easter. Her jeep looked similar to that truck. She is just now able to get out of a wheel chair. Your employee was very lucky. It's amazing how much safer cars are these days.

  8. Thank you for your participation this week at Show and Tell Monday !! Hug

  9. You made a great job making the poodle, I like your fabric choices. I empathise with the grey, I just bought black on white and white on black for bee blocks, day after I finished making them a little parcel of low volume fabrics came through the door from a stash club I'm in, guess what was included? Now I probably won't need it for about five years, or until I use it for something else.


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