Saturday, November 26, 2016

Do You Have Quilting ADD?

If there is such a thing, I think I have it.  Today I don't have to work and had my entire day free to sew.  Well, I did sew but I kept bouncing around to different projects and not really finishing anything.  Oh well, at least I did get some things done!

First thing was the cowboy quilt that needs sashing.  I got three rows sewed together.  Why didn't I just sew them all you ask?  Bored.  Switched to another project.  But even just making progress on it is motivating to me and I'll get back to it.

The other thing I worked on was finishing up the pieces of the mystery quilt  by Meadow Mist Designs for the month of November.  Done! Here is my project box with all the little units we've done so far.  I usually stick the fabrics to the lid of my box in their proper order so I don't forget which fabric is which when I do the clues.

I posted yesterday about the blocks I am going to be making one at a time now and then.  I'm going to keep it up on my design wall to keep me motivated.   Block 1 is hung!  You can see that I doubled the size of the blocks that I was originally making.  They were way too tiny.  I would have never got them done.

And finally, I need my quilting friends to please weigh in with what you would do on this next project.  I had some scraps left over from making my nieces quilt and sewed them together into this:

This measures about 16 1/4" so not big enough for much of anything except maybe a small pillow or a doll quilt.  I would like to enlarge it and make it into a small quilt for my 2 year old granddaughter to have.  So I looked in my stash and found these fabrics:

The fabrics in the back came in a fat quarter club back right before I quit piecing quilts.  They are from a 2007 RJR Fabrics collection called Wiggles and Giggles by Thimbleberries.   The bunny fabric was sent to me along with a book readalong I participated in (thanks, Tami!)  Anyway,  that's a lot of patterns going on there so I probably need something solid or tone on tone to go along with these. What patterns come to mind when you see all this?   What would you use?  Leave out?  Add?  The little rail fence block would be in the middle so looking for ideas on how to enlarge it to about 36 x 36 or maybe a little larger.  Would you use different colors  than these?   I would sincerely love to hear as many ideas as I can.  My brain is just not in designing mode right now . . . and I also love collaborating!

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  1. I do the same, I'm surprised sometimes at what I do get done with because it is very common for me to work on 4 in one day

  2. Ha! I just posted about the 37 projects I worked on in the last couple of days :)

    That's a really nice fabric pull for a sweet baby quilt! I would maybe add a couple solid or tone-on-tone yellows and blues as connecting fabrics, then make three more rail fence blocks in the same layout as the first one. That would bring it up to about 32x32 and with sashing (white?) or a border you'd be right at 36" square. With the solids, you could use them more than once: rabbits with blue, bears with yellow, lollipops with blue again maybe. You really can't go wrong, though, with those darling fabrics!

  3. You are further on than me, I haven't done the trimming on the mystery quilt yet. I have been a lot like that recently, I don't seem to be able to settle at my quilting and have had very little time for anything anyway. Have you thought about making it into a medallion centre? Then you could add every borders until you were happy with the size, not a great design for that though. Of course if you were very brave you could get the rotary cutter, and just cut it up randomly, stitching it together again and turn it into a great improv piece, you could even add some of the other fabrics in with it, then take another look to increase the size. Go on, you know you want to. Sometimes you need to take a chance and do something radical and just have fun with it. After all it's just fabric.

  4. Love the Wiggles & Giggles with. Also needs stripe, chevron and/or plaid. What a lovely, soft quilt it will be!

  5. I had a bit of ADD this weekend. LOL In an attempt to clear up my sewing room, I had to tackle a bunch of stuff to get them off my cutting table. Need to stay focused!!

  6. I sometimes do jump from project to project. Mt hats a good thing, I think! Keeps things fun and new! I do hope the bunnies made their way into your sweet little quilt. The pinks are perfecthe together and I love the pin dot, too! What a precious way to use up your scraps. It's going to be wonderful!

  7. It must have been going around because I had the ADD too! I had all those extra days off and barely have anything to show for it because I jumped around so much. And that isn't only sewing either, I was the same with my housework.
    As for your little scrap quilt, I would add a solid (ish) border around the steps in a deeper/darker color. Maybe a medium grey or blue? Then do another border around with 1-2 inch strips of the pieces you have there and the solid.

  8. I LOVE the new blog header btw! So colorful and bright! :)

  9. I like Louise's suggestion for the blocks. I would probably use one of the pink prints in each of the new blocks, that would tie each block together. If you had the right teal, in a polka dot fabric, that would be nice sashing.

    I have Quilters ADD pretty much every day. I have 5 quilts that I'm working on pretty much simultaneously. Since I'm not fond of cutting out all my pieces to start, I usually cut for whatever step I'm doing on which of the 5 needs cutting, then sit down pin whatever pieces need to be pieced, then chain sew all of them at that same time, press and then repeat. Usually I have one priority project that dictates what gets cut or if I spend a bit more time on piecing it, but I'm happier making progress on multiple projects all at once.

  10. Love those little bunnies. If you want to make it rectangular, just put a row of bunnies on the top and bottom. I like the idea of mixing in a few. It's going to be really cute.


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