Saturday, October 15, 2016

2016 FAL and Halloween Giveaway Winner

We are in!  The long awaited move into our own home, after a year and half, has finally happened!!  I am so tickled I hardly know what to do next.  So many decorating decisions to make!  Right now our home is pretty drab as everything is brown and gray (with the exception of a few pops of color courtesy of Pioneer Woman). We will be adding color a little at a time with a new couch, new rugs, pictures, quilts (hopefully)  Yes, I know I should make my own place mats but I don't know how to do scallops yet and I love them on these place mats.  All in due time . . .

I am going to participate in the 2016 Finish-A-Long.   I had such a fun time going through all my WIP's (works in progress)  and UFO's (Unfinished Objects), some I had forgotten all about.  I know there is no way I am going to get these all done this quarter, but I want to list all of them just to keep them fresh in my mnid and see how many I am able to get done by the end of this year.  Here we go!

Top of the list #1 is quilting the heart and chevron quilt I'm making for my husband's cousin,  She just had a new grandbaby and she is being such a sweetheart in telling me there is no hurry at all and she doesn't want to put any pressure on me to get it done.  Thank you, Karen!  She had me make this quilt much larger than normal baby size so it will be used well beyond baby years.

#2 is a project that I've completed 20 blocks for, but each block is only 4 1/2" big.  Meaning that the HST's are 1" finished.  What was I thinking?  I LOVE this pattern and the look of it and the wonderful secondary pattern it creates.  But I'm thinking about starting over with bigger pieces.  I would LOVE to have this on my bed.  

#3 is a kit I bought in 2002, a pattern from Atkinson Designs called Sonnet Lucky Stars.  The blocks are up on my brand new first ever design wall to motivate me to get this one done!   Only one block is done.  

Here is a closeup of some of the yummy colors . . .

#4 is a quilt top that is done and just needs a back, quilting, and binding.  I'm NOT in love with this.  The colors kind of make me go ewwww.   This is one of the reasons I quit making quilts because I didn't know how to quilt it and didn't have the money to pay someone.  Now I can do it!    I made it to go with my mom's couch so it's hers if I ever get it done.

#5 is actually not really a WIP, but I at least have purchased the fabric and have a plan.  This one will be for my middle son, Morgan using Yvonne Fuchs pattern Triangle Transparency.

#6 is a mini quilt that I can't show you yet because it is for a swap I am doing with my quilting friend, Kate at Smiles From Kate.  It has been a lot of fun trying to figure out what I'm going to do with this!
I'll be sure to show you when Christmas is past.

#7 Make more house blocks (maybe I'll set a goal of at least two per month)

#8 Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt.  I've almost got September's sewing clue done and will start on October's clue soon.  I'll show an update when I get all caught up.  Here is my fabric pull for that project.

#9 Pretzel Twist.  I like this one, but not too sure about that dark blue.  It kind of sticks out.  What do you think?  Leave it?  Maybe if I get some more blue in the rest of it, it won't look so bad.

#10 is not an official WIP either but it is something I have been dying to try.  Ever since I saw Kate at Life in Pieces showing her dress blocks I have wanted to try paper piecing.  Never done that.  Isn't this cute???

#11 Add sashing to cowboy blocks, quilt, and bind.

There is at least one more box somewhere that I haven't found yet because it has my iron in it!  I'll stop at 11 projects.  I think that will keep me plenty busy.

Now for the Halloween giveaway.  I used the oh so sophisticated method of hollering across the room to my mom (she spent the weekend with me),  "Hey mom!  Pick a number between 1 and 19!"  She said, seventeen.  The 17th person to comment last week was Karen Rowland.  Karen, I tried to find an e-mail address for you and left a comment on your last blog post.  Hope you see this!  Please send me your address and I'll get this Halloween fabric in the mail to you pronto.  If I don't hear from Karen by Monday, I will pick a new winner. 

Wish me luck on getting a couple of these projects done before the end of the year! 

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Nicole said...

Put the dark blue right in the centre. Boom! Design choice!

Sue said...

Congratulations on moving in! Hope you get through at least some of that list - it is big!

Kate said...

Congrats on achieving move in. Hopefully your unpacking will go pretty swifty, that was always my hold up. You've got a fun list of projects. I like your fabrics for the Meadow Mist Mystery. I've got September done, but have only just got started on the October clue. The Vintage Dresses are fun, but had I known how intricate each one was, I'm not sure I would have committed to a fun size quilt of them. I look forward to seeing what you dream up with for your version. Good luck with your 4th quarter goals.

Paige said...

Your kitchen is fabulous! So many great projects, good luck with them all!

Louise said...

Oh my goodness, Janice! You have some seriously beautiful quilts going on here! I actually really like the one with the "ew" colors, ha ha :) Can you tell me the name of the block/pattern you used for that one?

And your feather quilting on the hearts and chevrons is AMAZING!! I'm go glad you can take that one slow and finish it so wonderfully.

Such a treat to see all your different WIPs all laid out in a row; thanks for sharing!

Tami Von Zalez said...

I have just started paper piecing. That dress pattern is just too adorable. I am thinking of making them with a gray background.

Janice Holton said...

Oh, Louise! Thank you! I would be delighted to tell you the pattern. I'm going to run down to my sewing room (it's in the basement) and grab that. The nice thing about unpacking and reorganizing is that now I know exactly where everything is! Be back in a sec!

It's from a small book called Take Two and Add a Few by Atkinson Designs. The pattern is called Birthday Presents. (2006)

Karen Rowland said...

Thank you so much!! I can''t believe I won!! It looks like you are busy, busy, busy!! Like so many quilters you have so much going on-- and a move too.
My address for the giveaway is:
Karen Rowland
1940 Pennington Road
Waverly, Ohio. 45690
I'll send a picture of what I make as soon as I can. Again, thanks��

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Wow Janice, you are really going for it with this list! You have some lovely projects there, I love Pretzel Twist, but I think you are right, the blue is maybe a little strong. One thing I have learnt is if I don't like something in the making it's best to change it, or I will never like the finished quilt. Your house is looking wonderful, I hope you are very happy there.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Congrats on moving into the house. Good luck with your list of projects.

Miaismine said...

Hi Janice! Congratulations on your new home! I'm sure you will have your pops of color in no time at all! Thank your for sharing your very interesting list of projects! Your Sonnet Lucky Stars is really beautiful! Your house block is lovely! I'm sure you'll finish your projects in no time at all!

Jen said...

That is quite the list there. :) I was thinking about going through all of my UFOs and WIPs too, but honestly, I don't think I am ready for that. Hahaha. Maybe next year?