Friday, September 9, 2016

Giveaway Challenge (Bribe)

I am constantly in awe of the amazing creativity I see every day.  I could easily spend a day just reading quilting blogs.  So inspiring!

I am hoping that this request I am about to make will appeal to your designing instincts and you can't resist picking up a pencil and paper and doodling something.  Or even if you don't doodle, an idea flashes through your brain that you would be willing to share.  For some incentive, I will be giving away this!  Ten fat quarters of yummy fabric in red, black, white, and gray.   Curious???

OK, here is the challenge . . .

My husband is a residential home builder.  Up to now, he hasn't advertised or marketed his business at all.  All clients have come by referral or by seeing other things he has built.   Well, we know we really should get some signs and things created but at this point, we don't even have a logo.  So here is the challenge. Helping us think of a good logo!  I'll give you some guidelines.

The name of his business is Liberty Enterprises, Inc.  He wants to include an "L" and an "E" either alone or with a simple symbol of some sort, something really simple and recognizable.  Just to give you an idea of my husband's sense of humor, here is what he wants his slogan to be.  "If Patrick Henry were alive, he would choose Liberty!"  I love it!

He doesn't want anything overtly patriotic (no flags and stars).  Something using the colors in the fabrics shown above would be great.  Red, white, and black with gray being optional.

Does this challenge spark any of your imaginations? I hope so!  A designer, I am not!   Surely ten free fat quarters of fabric tempts you a little bit?  Feel free to send multiple entries!  I know you can't include sketches in comments so feel free to e-mail me at janice(at)    I think it would be really fun to share any ideas I receive in a blog post and happily include links to the blog of anybody who takes a shot at this.  Please take pity on us design challenged folks.

I am hoping there will be an idea thrown out there that really strikes my hubby's fancy, but if not, then I will still draw a random winner from all the ideas submitted.  OK, ready, set, brainstorm!!

Happy creating!


  1. What does he build? Houses, furniture, water troughs? Does he use wood, stone, clay, etc.

    Thank you.

  2. I may have a few ideas. What materials does he use? What types of things does he build?

  3. It sounds like a fun challenge. My questions are the same.....what type of building does he do?

  4. To my surprise, I did come up with a simple logo! It is simply a capital "L" with straight lines (no curliques or curves) and to the right and slightly below it the letter "E" again with no curves: the letter "E's" center line starts halfway through the base of the letter "L" and then you draw a straight line up and down, and draw the base and top of the "E" also with straight lines. It should be large and BOLD looking, but simple. If you wanted to play with the building aspect of his business, the up and down part of the letter "L" could be a hammer, and the 3 perpendicular lines could be nails. I cannot come up with a good slogan, but it sounds as though he is committeed to Patrick Henry.

  5. Did you have a deadline for this or is it open-ended until you find/get a logo?

    1. Pretty much open ended until we decide upon a logo. I'll be sure to reply to everybody that submits an idea and ONE of you will win some fabric even if we don't use any of your ideas.


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