Monday, April 25, 2016

My First Quilting Project

Happy Monday!

I would normally have more progress to show but spent last weekend in beautiful sunny Seattle!  Ha!  No, really!  It was!   I was there to watch my daughter's school participate in a track meet and the weather was amazing!   Ironically, it was rainy and gloomy back in Idaho so a good weekend to be gone!

So instead, I will show the quilt that got me hooked on the quilting part of making quilts.  It's the very first one I made from start to finish.  Up until now, I was really only interested in the piecing part of the process.   My good friend Robin showed me how to do quilting on my Bernina and that's how it all got started.  I'm loving it!

I bought a layer cake from the Moda Storybook line of fabric to make a quicky baby blanket and there were enough squares in it to make three small quilts in pink, yellow, and aqua.  This fabric is so cute!!  Here is my first attempt at stippling on the yellow version.  I enjoyed that so much, that's when I went in search of a quilting class and joined Leah Day's Block party.

My mom lives in a retirement home and I have lunch with her at least once a week.  This week I took all my projects with me to show her what I had been doing and one of the ladies at her table wants to buy my pink version for her newest great grand daughter.  I wasn't even trying to sell anything so that was fun!

So now I need to quilt and bind that one.  I found this wonderful plush fabric for the back.  So soft!

And finally, here are my block 2's for the Leah Day Block Party.  Kind of wish I would have picked a darker pink on the first one as it doesn't have much contrast against the white.  Oh well.  It ought to show the quilting really well, right?  :)  Still haven't decided on thread color yet. 
Today I'm linking up with Moving it Forward Monday at Em's Scrap Bag.

Happy quilting!



Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

If that's your first quilting effort you made a great job of it. I think that kind of jigsaw filler is quite difficult but you nailed it. Choosing the right colours is always difficult, try going for a selection of light, medium and dark shades to give lots of contrast. The main thing is your technique looks good and you are doing great.

Janice Holton said...

Thanks Kate! You are an awesome encourager! :)

em's scrapbag said...

The pink quilt will make a great baby quilt. Thanks for linking up

Emily said...

First time stippling,and your stitches are that good! Amazing!

Alycia said...

Your quilting turned out great - and congrats on the sale - that really helps build confidence ;-)

Bernie Kringel said...

Beautiful stippling on the quilt. Very nice!!