Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project

For the project, we'll be using the block Perkiomen Valley. 

Cutting and sewing these pieces will make two blocks.   Please mix up colors, and have a high contrast between lights and darks.  Lights should be white, ecru or very light beiges with subtle prints or tone on tone.  Please no solids.  Darks should be mixed colors in each block.  If you have trouble deciding if a print is light or dark, it will be too medium to use, please choose another print. Tip, cut generously and sew scantily. 

From Scrappy darks, cut eight 4-1/2-inch squares and two 5-1/4-inch squares
From Scrappy lights, cut six  4-1/2-inch squares and two 5-1/4-inch squares

Match the 5-1/4-inch scrappy darks to the same size lights, and mark diagonal lines on the back of the lights.  Sew scant 1/4-inch seams on either side of the line, cut apart and press to make 4 half square triangles.  Use one of each print for the block.  Assemble the blocks as shown.  Measure the final block to be sure it is 12-1/2-inches.

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